Sep 26, 2021

Waidmannsheil im Spitzenhöschen (1982)


A girl runs away from home and winds up working at an old castle which she helps convert into a thriving hunting school - where youth come to learn how to catch game (and STDs).

Evi (Sandra Atia) has run away from home.

Hitchhiking, she's nearly raped by a motorist.

She escapes into the forest.

She runs into a game warden named Hubert (Günther Amann).

Evi is a bit injured from the near-rape, and Hubert offers to take her to a hunting lodge.

The hunting lodge is an an old castle which has seen better days.

The castle is owned by Count Reginald (Dietz Werner Steck); Richard (Franz A. Huber) is Hubert's co-worker.

Richard has a thing going with big-breasted Anna (Christa Abel) the housekeeper.

But Count Reginald is all alone.  And so broke he'll have to sell off the castle.

Hubert has snuck Evi into his quarters.

Richard stumbles into the room, drunk.  Evi hides.

She overhears some interesting conversation.

Richard leaves, and Evi returns to Hubert's bed.

She has a great idea to save the castle.  

But first, they finish what they started.

Evi buys a Bavarian folk dress and is hired by Count Reginald to be his secretary.  She has an idea to save his castle by turning it into a hunting school.
The count introduces Evi to the staff: Hubert (who she already knows, wink wink), Anna and Richard.

Evi makes some calls to get this place some business.

Their first guest arrives...

It's actually Evi's mother, Evi's mother Ramona Kronberger (Eva Astor).

The students arrive for the hunting school. Lizzy (Eleonore Melzer) arrives first in her yellow and black VW.

The students are shown to their rooms.

Lizzy (Eleonore Melzer) and her man get down to business quickly.

Okay, I have to point out: this is where the plot basically evaporates for forty fucking minutes.  I mean, it's literally just the students having sex until the last few minutes of the film! So let's get on with it.

Inge (Christine Neona) has sex with her man.

Hanna (Sabine Rohrmann) takes a bath.

Class begins

Inge arrives late.

Lizzy and her guy fool around under the desks.  

Inge in the back.

Lizzy and Inge fool around outside.

Instructions on hunting rifles (while Lizzy's guy reads a porno).

Evi and Hubert's love blooms (a minor hint at a plot before it's back to just students shagging).

Renate (Dorle Buchner)  gets it going with her man (Mario Pollak)

Lizzy's back at it.

The running gag is that, everywhere Hubert goes in the woods, he's running into students fucking.

Renate, at it again.

Inge give a guy head.  Damn these students are insatiable!

Love blooms between Ramona and the Count.

Evi likes to see her mother and her boss together.

In the end, it's a rousing success - the castle is saved from foreclosure thanks to Evi's plan.  Ramona and the Count are to be married, and Hubert and Evi are an item as well.  And the students?  I'm sure they're humping like rabbits out in a field somewhere.

What a great start - and a promising (if not cliched) story to have fun with. But then the students arrive, and goddamn it, the plot just shuts completely down.  It is literally just Lizzy, Inge, Hanna and Renate fucking for the next forty-five minutes, before finally picking the story back up at the end.  Evi is a likeable character, and she more-or-less disappears.  Weird.


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