Sep 26, 2021

Vampire Journals (1997)


A vampire hunter (who's also a vampire himself) takes on a Lestat-type and tries to save a young pianist from becoming like him.

Things start off with a bang: Rebecca (Rodica Lupu) is being pursued by...

A disgusting Vampire (Constantin Barbulescu)

I just love this moment. 

But there is someone behind the vampire...

It's Zachary (David Gunn) who is a vampire too.  It's too late for his beloved Rebecca, but he will will avenge her death by becoming a vampire hunter.

Present day Bucharest.  Zachary is on the trail of Ash (Jonathon Morris).

Sofia (Kirsten Cerre) is a visiting pianist.

Ash is in love with her piano playing.

He offers her a rose.

Sofia is befriended by Zachary.  She shows him the invitation to play at Club Muse.  Zachary pleads with her not to go.

Ash works with Iris (Starr Andreeff) who runs Club Muse, a haven for vampires.

The General (Petre Moraru), a vampire, is getting flirty with Angelica (Diana Lupan)

The General gets carried away.

Dimitri (Mihai Dinvale) and Cassandra (Ilinca Goia), servants of Ash, are tasked with cleaning up the mess.

Ash hops in bed with a couple willing ladies.

He sucks the blood of the redhead (Crina Matei)

And the brunette (Alice Balaianu)

Sofia foolishly agrees to play at Club Muse.

The audience - a Bauhaus concert didn't look this goth.

Zachary, being a vampire, does still have to suck blood,  But he tries to do it in a humane manner. What a guy.

Ash trains Cassandra on proper vampire activities.

Zachary offers Ash the vampire slaying blade of Laertes in exchange for Sofia.  But Ash is like, fuck you I'll take the blade and keep Sofia as well.

Ash knows Zachary is a vampire, so knows how to temp him.

He offers Zachary a taste of a willing girl (Elvira Deatcu).

Zachary cannot resist.

Zachary thinks back to the 19th century when he was still mortal and with Rebecca.

He was tempted by a vampire named Serena (Floriela Grappini)

Serena turned Zachary into a vampire and the rest is history.

Sofia has been abducted by Ash.  She tries to fight back, but it's no use.

Ash shows Sofia the disturbing sight of her best bud Zachary...

She didn't know he was a vampire, and hee he is sucking on this chick's blood.

Ash wants to turn Sofia into a vampire.

A vision of Rebecca gives Zachary the strength and resolve to take on Ash and his minions.

Zachary is able to defeat Cassandra and Ash.

The downside is that Sofia is a vampire now.  But at least they have each other.

Surprisingly good. A tad too serious for my tastes - I don't like when every line of dialog is given such pretentious intensity.  It could do with lightening up from time to time.  But that's a small complaint.  This film looks amazing - the Romanian location is utilized to the fullest extent creating a kickass gothic-horror vibe throughout.  Perfect Halloween viewing. Sure, the story is a little played out, but damn it doesn't phone it in, not one bit - and a fair amount of boobs as well. 


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