Sep 3, 2021

Tower of Screaming Virgins (1968)


(Original Title: Der Turm der verbotenen Liebe) A German-French-Italian collaboration.  The King of France is away, and the queen goes amuck in his absence; it's up to a dashing swashbuckler to save everyone. 

Things start off in dramatic fashion with baddies running around in red hoods killing three guys.

One of them shoots a dude with an arrow.

We're shocked to see those titties. It's a female (and we'll learn who later).

Bouridan (Jean Piat) is the biggest playboy in France.

Bouridan meets Blanche du Bois (Uschi Glas), daughter of the Countess, on her way to Paris to meet with the queen.  You'll remember Glas from Dead One in the Thames (1971).

Bouridan heads to Paris and, along the way, meets a young named Philippe (Balázs Kosztolányi).

Bouridan battles Artemis (Jörg Pleva) in a swordfight, and we learn that the playboy is quite the swordsman.

Philippe and Bouridan meet the serving wench, Fleurette (Dada Gallotti).

Fleurette's boss is Orsini (Armando Francioli), who's up to no good.

Naturally, Bouridan gets it on with the waitress.

Queen Bitch Marguerite de Bourgogne (Teri Tordai)

Her handmaidens Catherine (Marie-Ange Aniès) and Jeanne (Véronique Vendell)

Catherine on her left, and chief asshole and the queen's right-hand-man, Herzog St. Lorrain (Karlheinz Fiege).  In the king's absence, they've been getting away with murder - quite literally.  The topless bowman at the start of the film was actually Marguerite.

Marguerite takes a bath, and we get a good look at Teri Tordai.

Gautier (Georg Markus) is the court artist and brother of Philippe.

Gautier awkwardly offers the queen a towel.

St. Lorrain introduces the queen to Blanche who has come to claim her inheritance. They have no intention of handing over her land.

Bouridane meets with both Philippe and his brother Gautier.  Spoiler - they are both his sons - and the mother is (dramatic pause) Marguerite before she was queen.

Bouridane and Philippe (and a nameless dude) meet at the tower per a mysterious request.

Catherine (Marie-Ange Aniès) is waiting for Bouridane.  But he doesn't recognize her as the queen's handmaiden as she's wearing a mask.

Bouridane can sense a trap and doesn't oblige.

The nameless dude is paired with Jeanne (Véronique Vendell).

He doesn't recognize her as the queen's handmaiden either.

And, finally, Queen Marguerite de Bourgogne (Teri Tordai) awaits Philippe.

Philippe recognizes her... and, of course, this spells death for him.

Bouridane tells Philippe it's time to get the hell outta there.

Afterwards, the queen and her handmaidens escape - but realizing things have gone south... especially considering Bouridane has escaped.

Poor Philippe is killed.

Bouridane interrogates Fleurette to find the identity of the killer.

Fleurette reacts the only way she knows how - buy dropping her clothes.

The queen is extra-bitchy with Catherine and Jeanette 

St. Lorrain makes it clear he won't be helping Blanche get her land... and later tries to rape her.

The queen scratches Blanche's cleavage.  The reason: Bouridane knows that the masked murderer received a scratch in that location.

Blanche doesn't understand what the fuck is going on.

It all comes together for Bouridan when he realizes Catherine was the masked lady he was paired with that fateful evening at the tower.

Bouridan presents the body of Philippe before the court, and subsequently imprisoned.

He spills the beans: Bouridan learned that the two dead boys (Philippe and Gautier) were actually their sons.  He was just a page boy back then, and Marguerite just a rich bitch.

King Louis X of France (Jacques Herlin) has returned to Paris from his campaign. 

Blanche presents the king with evidence of Marguerite's misdeeds.

Catherine and Jeanette are drowsy (and topless).

Marguerite has drugged them.

Even worse, she's hired two peasants to rape and murder them!

The girls are raped, but soon after the king's guard storms the tower.

At the top of the tower, as it burns, Marguerite murders St. Lorrain

The king, Blanche, Bouridan, and the guard watch as the tower burns.

The locals watch the inferno and claim the queen is actually a witch.

The queen dies in the flames. THE END 

These historical films can be so stuffy and dry; this was surprisingly full of action - and even more surprisingly full of boobs. It looks beautiful, with lavish costumes and sets.


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