Sep 4, 2021

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999)


An Amy Lindsay flick about a couple dissatisfied housewives who travel back to the Old West where the meet their husband's lookalikes. 

Jenifer (Kim Yates) tries to turn on her husband Tom (Jim Stevens) but he's too engrossed in work. (Note that he's listed as "Ray" in the credits and IMDb, but that's not what they call him - so, yeah, not sure what's up with that.)

Ray falls asleep and Jenifer is left unsatisfied as usual.

Her friend Grace (Amy Lindsay) is having the total opposite experience.

She's having sex - but with the hotel waiter (Billy Riverside), not her husband.

The next morning with husband Howard (Nicholas Franklin Bray)

Ray presents tickets for "Wild West Tours" to keep the girls occupied while they're on business.

Jenifer and Grace meet the tour guide Otto (J.R. Kuykendall)

In the town, they find a magic mirror that sucks them back to the days of the Old West.

Miss Marie (Michelle Bauer) is the madam and mistakes the women for whores.

She dresses them accordingly.  The ladies presume this is all pretend.

Their husbands are here too, but they're not themselves. Tom is now the celibate Reverend Isaac (Jim Stevens).

Grace watches her husband lookalike Sheriff Bart (Nicholas Franklin Bray) get serviced by two whores, Evie (Amber Newman) and Daphne (Shannon Malone).

Tawnee (Taimie Hannum) the poor Native American squaw.

She's secretly having sex with Daniel (Collin Toran) whose father owns half the town.

They're caught by Grace who promises not to tell.  If anyone heard Daniel was screwing an Indian, it'd be all over.

Jenifer finds she's in love with Reverend Isaac (i.e. her husband Tom).

You didn't think we'd have Michelle Bauer in a movie and not get a gratuitous nude scene, did you?

Grace is accused of killing a guy.

But Daphne and Evie are really the murderers.

Jenifer finally convinces the reverend to have sex.

Grace has sex with the sheriff in the jail cell.

She's served her last meal and hits the sheriff over the head with the plate and escapes.

Evie and Daphne have them at gunpoint.

Grace and Jenifer escape through the mirror.

Jenifer is pulled into bed by Tom, who suddenly seems full of sexual vigor. Their sex life is restored.

Time travel, Michelle Bauer, Amy Lindsey, Amber Newman... this should be dynamite.  Instead it absolutely sucks. It's woefully tame, with the sex scenes poorly filmed... the whole thing seems phoned-in. Don't be deceived by the awesome title.


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