Sep 6, 2021

The Virgin and the Macho Man (1974)


Coffin Joe's first pornochanchada film - a playboy doctor is fooling around with all the other doctors' wives.  The Machão will surely receive his comeuppance. 

Two doctors, Jorge (Aurélio Tomassini) and Luiz, check in to a hotel in the city of Urissanga.

Jorge is a bigtime playboy, always on the prowl. 

He eyes the hotel maid standing nearby.

His eyes linger on her backside as the she climbs the stairs.

The next morning the maid delivers breakfast.

Another A-Frame

They're soon having sex.

Jorge and Luiz attend a swank party hosted by the various doctors at the hospital.

The doctors' wives.

Tetê (Lisa Negri), the wife of Dr. Basílio (Alex Delamote), is a bit of a cold bitch.

Maria Sorvete (Nadir Fernandes), a call girl, arrives to the party.

Madame Lola (Zélia Hoffman) gives her instructions.

Maria is visited by a series of doctors in her room.

Each has their way with her.  But...

None can get her to orgasm.  Indeed, she seems more interested in her popsicle than the sex.  Hence her name.

Jorge makes a bet with the other doctors that he can get her to climax.  She'll forget about her stupid ice cream and it'll melt by the time he's through with her.

Maria welcomes yet another doctor.

Everyone watches the doctor fail miserably with Maria on the TV hooked to a camera in the room.

But now it's Jorge's turn.  He gives a sly wink to the camera.

As required, he brings the frozen treats.

He goes to work.

Takes an ice cream break for himself... much to the confusion of Maria.

And then, boom.  He kicks it up a notch. 

Maria no longer cares about her popsicle.  It melts on the nightstand. Jorge is declared the winner, and earns the title of Machão.

Branca (Vosmarline Siqueira) and the other doctors' wives are intrigued by this new superstud doctor.

The doctors are all staying at a tropical resort. Tetê and her husband Dr. Basílio greet young Malu (Esperanza Villanueva) who has come along.

They enjoy a relaxing game of cards.  But then...

Dr. Basílio cuts through the jungle to see something alarming...

Jorge is fucking Viana's wife (Gracinda Fernandes)!

Malu notices Jorge tanning on the shore.

She takes off her shorts and introduces herself. 

Tetê and Dr. Viana's wife see the tryst between Malue and Jorge.

Branca (Vosmarline Siqueira) and her doctor husband...

A woman calls up to their room requesting the doctor.  They're having an affair.

Branca wakes up to find her husband gone.  Then she catches him with the woman.

Jorge is called to Branca's room by the hotel staff who found her unconscious.

It appears she has overdosed.

Jorge checks to see if she's alive.

Branca wakes up.

And they get right to it.

From one girl to the next. Jorge is back with Malu.

But Jorge has overplayed his hand with the young girl.

What may work with unsatisfied older housewives won't work with Malu.  She's not so impressed.

Dr. Viana's wife waits for another round with Jorge.

Malu has a chimpanzee (!) steal their clothes while they're fuking.

Jorge spots something peculiar.

The picture above the bed - the moustache wiggles.  He realizes this is a peephole - they're being watched!

Thanks to Malu's scheming, all the doctors find out their wives have been cheating. Dr. Vianav (Walter Portela) confronts his wife.

Tetê is no fan of the fact that Jorge has been with virginal Malu.

It seems Jorge has run out of time.  Everyone wants his head.  And by "head" I mean his dick.  Yes, there's plans to chop it off.

Thanks to Luiz, Maria has been alerted to Jorge's predicament.

The doctors band together and prepare to deal with Jorge.

One of them even pulls out a machete, ready to chop it off.

Maria cruises by in her boat in the nick of time, saving Jorge and taking him with her. THE END

I guess this is pretty much what you'd expect.  Not quite sleazy enough or funny enough to be rank among the best pornochanchadas.  But not a bad time either. You would never guess this is a Coffin Joe film without being told. 


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