Sep 4, 2021

The Lustful Vicar (1970)


(Original Title: Kyrkoherden) A Swedish film about a man cursed by a witch to have a constant erection.  It doesn't help that he's in a town populated almost exclusively by women.

In the 18th century, soldiers seize a woman accused of being a witch.

The clergyman (Jarl Borssén) has her thrown in the river as a test.

The woman (Annegrethe Nissen) begs for mercy, but none is given.

She's thrown nude into the river.

She's pulled out of the water, naked in front of the whole village.

She's set on fire in the public square.

Many years later, in 1812, a vicar (Jarl Borssén) - the descendant of the clergyman  arrives in a small town.  

He comes face to face with Barbro (Annegrethe Nissen), who is a descendant of the witch. There's a moment where they can swear they know each other from somewhere.

Sibyll (Margit Carlqvist), offers the Vicar hospitality.  There is something very peculiar about this place.

The Vicar sees a line of women waiting outside Sibyll's home.

Due to the Anglo-Swedish War, all the men are out of town. Napoleon's army forced Sweden to declare war on England - and this proved problematic since they were the primary trade partner.  It was basically a bloodless war, but no England, no food and supplies. And in the case of this town - no men!

The Troubadour (Cornelis Vreeswijk) explains everything throughout the film.

Agneta (Kim Anderzon) and Sanna (Diana Kjær) are two wily ladies horny for a man.  They've got their eyes set on the Vicar.
Agneta makes sure the Vicar sees her picking apples up on the ladder with no underclothes.

Barbro helps Agneta get her boob out, so the Vicar will take special notice.

Agneta waves to the Vicar who falls into the water and runs away.

He hides in a barrel which gets rolled, resulting in bad injuries for the Vicar.

The Vicar gets nursed to health at Sibyll's place.

Sylfidia (Louise Tillberg) is at his bedside.

She gets naked and hops in bed with him.

The Vicar stands alone by the window, not sharing a bed with Sylfidia.  But something is wrong - very, very wrong.

The parish clerk (John Elfström) notices that the Vicar has a raging hard-on that won't quit!

Sibyll applies some medication to help the erection go down.

Applying the ointment hilariously causes Sibyll to get wildly aroused.

She finally gets a hold of herself.

Mrs. Paular (Lissi Alandh) constantly has her cleavage hanging out, so Mr. Paular (Åke Fridell) locks the poor woman in a pantry.

The Vicar, still suffering from an endless boner, fantasizes about Agneta at the apple tree - but this time she's naked.

He fantasizes about Sanna doing laundry nude.

Sanna is so hard up for a man, she sneaks into a house where an enemy soldier (Christer Söderlund) is hiding.

Two village girls find a means to get to the Vicar's room...

Even the Countess (Magali Noël), who he'd met when he was healthy, wants to pay him a visit.

But this turns out to just be a dream.

All the girls in the town band together to try and bring the Vicar's erection down.  They take turns in his bedroom, but each one winds up exhausted and throwing in the towel.

Barbro, whose ancestor caused this curse upon the Vicar, realizes she must be the one to break it.

She arrives at Sibyll's place to take her turn helping the Vicar.

Wow.  Movie’s almost over, and we finally get plain full frontal nudity. Bravo Annegrethe Nissen.

Sylfidia (Louise Tillberg) also lends a hand.

Barbro and Sylfidia give it everything they've got.

And guess what? It works.  The Vicar ejaculates and is finally free of this erection.

Barbro and the rest of the town celebrates. THE END

A well done film - and the story is pretty original (you can't argue with that). A good time.


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