Sep 6, 2021

The Love Clinic (1976)


(Original Title: La clinica dell'amore) An impotent husband admits himself into a "love clinic"  - an experimental sex therapy center. 

Amalia (Ria De Simone) lies naked in bed ready to have sex with her husband Antenore (Dario De Grassi).

But Antenore just turns out the light and goes to sleep.

So, Amalia goes to a private investigator to see if her husband is cheating on her.  What else could explain his disinterest in the bedroom?

The  Private Investigator (Mario Colli) is an old pervert with cool James Bond posters in his office.

His assistant (Gino Pagnani) provides the goofball comic relief. So annoying.

But Antenore isn't cheating on Amalia.  He's got erectile dysfunction and a loss of sexual appetite.  He's on his way to an experimental sex therapy clinic which maybe can help cure him.

He's admitted by Dr. Renzi (Eva Maria Gabriel).

Angelo Bortolotti (Gianni Solaro) runs the place.  He explains to Antenore the untraditional methods the clinic employs.

The PI and his assistant stake out the place.

As they attempt to sneak in, we are subjected to physical comedy of the worst kind.

Antenore receives his first round of treatment.

In the control room is Dr. Renzi and the half-naked nurses. Gina Giuri wears the headphones.

I love the retro-tech in this movie.

Antenore watches a couple have sex... but his arousal is still registering at minimum...

It's a failure, but there will be other rounds of treatment to go.

More insufferable physical comedy as the PI assistant works with Anacleto (Tommy Polgár) to sneak into the clinic disguised as a delivery guy.

He's surprised by what he finds when he opens door number one.

A maid is taking a shower. 

Door number two...

It seems all the female employees at this place are in states of undress.

Antenore receives his second round of treatment.  An "analyst" (Sofia Dionisio) tries to turn him on.

Sofia Dionisio gets completely naked, and there's a moment where they think Antenore is cured.  His arousal level reaches "massimo", but only for a few seconds.

Dr. Renzi has made progress, but there still is more treatment needed.

Amalia checks back in with the PI.  He's too busy fondling her legs to give much of an update. But he has a plan.

The clinic is alerted to the upcoming visit by the esteemed Professor Von Stronfen.

We also meet another doctor played by Alena Penz

The PI explains his plan to his assistant...

They kidnap the real Professor Ludwig Von Stronfen (Eolo Capritti).

The PI arrives at the clinic pretending to be the esteemed professor.

The clinic staff greets the Professor Von Stronfen imposter.

He inspects each employee. Gina Giuri...

The professor is shown to his room where a maid brings him his food.


Antenore has dinner with Dr. Renzi.

That evening he slips into her bedroom.

The PI snoops around and watches the whole thing.

Antenore basically rapes Dr. Renzi.

He strips all of her clothes off. She protests after first, but seems to consent after a while. (?)

Afterwards, Antenore feels hopelessly guilty for cheating on Amalia.  But on the bright side, it does seem to indicate that his condition is cured.

In a nearby room, a similar nonconsensual interaction is taking place with Gina Giuri 

The staff line up to take turns with a patient.

Gina Giuri takes her turn.

The snooping PI is startled by Alena Penz

But she's not out to bust him.  In fact, she's attracted to the esteemed sexologist.

Alena Penz delivers some incredible full frontal nudity.

The PI's suspenders are hung-up on something and as he jumps on the bed, he's spring back against the wall.  But it's a minor setback.  He's soon having sex (in fast-motion).

The PI updates his assistant.  Love those Bond posters!

A rather pointless love story between the analyst (Sofia Dionisio) and the male doctor.

They have sex out in the foliage.

Alena Penz informs the clinic's owner of the PI's prowess.

The owner offers the PI a big check, and he's given the opportunity to become a permanent resident here!

The PI is in hog heaven leading the sexperiments.

In this treatment session, he has Alena Penz slap and abuse a patient. 

The patient responds by ripping off her clothes and raping her!

It's such a success, the arousal meter blows up.

More awful comedy with the PI assistant pretending to be an angel appealing to Antenore's guilt.

Amalia demands to speak with the PI.

She finds the real Professor Ludwig Von Stronfen chained up in a closet.

The clinic holds a party.

Amalia crashes the party and holds them at gunpoint.

But when she sees that Antenore is randy again, all is forgiven.

On the ride home, Amalia gets proof that Antenore is indeed cured.

There have been so many "sex clinic" films, it's hard to keep track of them all. Clinic with Music (1974), The Crazy Clinic (1988), Take Away My Fever (1994) and You Have to Break the Routine (1974), etc. all have a ready-made vehicle for erotic comedy.  This is actually among the best, with a really fun vibe and tons o' smoking hot ladies.  It's nearly ruined by the cornball physical comedy from Gino Pagnani, but otherwise a solid entry into the sex clinic genre.


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