Sep 17, 2021

The Layout (1969)


Joseph W. Sarno delivers his usual dialog-driven slow-paced sexual drama fit for the stage... but ends with a thirty minute orgy with cordless "massagers".

Wendy Dorne (Betty Whitman) and Pam Richie (Suzan Thomas) run an interior design business.

Wendy is having a fling with married man Robb (Chuck Traynor).

Robb's wife Emmy (Barbara Lance) is friends with Pam.

Rob and Emmy's relationship isn't going well.

Wendy greets Ellen Hagen (Rene Howard) and Marie Beret (Jean Muniz) a Honduran who barely speaks.

Pam meets Ellen and Marie.

Robb and Wendy have sex while Emmy is at Pam's.

Emmy and Pam were childhood friends.  They even... experimented.

Pam breaks out her favorite toy.  A massager that you'd find at Sears, but we all knew what it was really for.  We'll be seeing a lot more of this "massager".

Ellen is attracted to Pam, who's as cold as ice.

She just can't break through with this successful businesswoman.

They skinny dip.

At night, Pam breaks out her special toy.

Ellen hears the massager do its business.  She'd also overheard Pam and Emmy doing their thing the previous night.

Ellen skinny dips with Pam, who's still as standoffish as ever.

Ellen relieves her sexual frustration with Marie.

The trusty massager.

The next day, Ellen says she has a plan to get back at Pam for her haughty aloofness. 

Pam and Wendy skinny dip.

Ellen follows Wendy to the bathroom to enact her plan.

Wendy steps out of the shower.

Ellen tells Wendy she knows about her and Robb... and she knows about Pam and Emmy.  So, she better cooperate, or else.

Click... whirrrrrrrr....

Holy shit.  Had no idea it would get this intense. 

Ellen administers the massager to Wendy from behind.

Ellen next visits Emmy; telling her all of what she knows.

Ellen and Marie get Emmy naked, and they lead her to Pam's bedroom.

Pam is fast asleep

Emmy and Marie administer the massager on Pam.  The next thirty full fucking minutes consist of these five women using their massagers on each other!

Wendy gets visited by Ellen and the trusty JC Penney massager.

Ellen applies the massager to Wendy, and you can hear this thing suction her skin; slurping at the nipples ect.  If your humor can be as juvenile as mine, you'll be laughing at times.

Pam is surprised to look over and see everyone's in her room for a massage-a-thon.

Ellen takes her turn on the receiving end of the massager.

Emmy takes her turn.

Wendy rolls over onto Pam, and it's about to turn into an orgy, but then...

Pam begs them to stop and runs out.

She makes an urgent phone call to Robb to come pick her up. THE END


Sarno makes quality pictures, that's why it's extra funny that the final act of this film is nothing but naked women using massagers on each other.  Full frontal was a-ok in 1969, so not sure why Sarno felt the need to conceal pubic hair as much as possible.  He's pretty adept at it too; must've been quite a task in the editing room. 


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