Sep 22, 2021

The Fabulous Bastard from Chicago (1969)


In the wake of  Bonnie and Clyde (1967). there were a bunch of ripoffs cashing in on the trend. It was only a matter of time before our boy David F. Friedman would use it as a template to show skin.  Featuring Bambi Allen getting raped with a Gherkin. 

It's September 1927 and gangsters rule Chicago.

One death demands retaliation, and so the bloody cycle continues.

Steve Desmond (John Alderman) is the top crime boss in the illegal liquor trade.

The opening is just about as insane as you can imagine.  A monotoned narrator gives us the lowdown on Chicago mobs as if it's a high-school educational film.  While the narrator drones on, a woman is being brutally kidnapped and raped in the back of a laundry truck.

'Fats' Percelli (James E. Myers) is Steve Desmond's arch rival.

He beats up his girlfriend Pearl (Cluny Dodge) for daring to touch a picture of his beloved daughter, Nancy.

Happy-go-lucky Steve is out with a floozy named Sally (? actress).

They go back to his place and dance.

Then they have sex.

The violence has settled down and Fats is ready to be entertained by Pearl.

Maria (Vicki Carbe) runs a speakeasy where Steve supplies the booze. You may recognize Carbe from A Sweet Sickness (1968). Maria is worried about Wally (Phil Marks), one of Steve's men who has gone missing. She doesn't realize she's talking to a traitor in their ranks.  
Steve and Maria get drunk.

Maria helps him home.

And they have sex...

Maria's club is suddenly overrun by teetotalling temperance workers, led by the shrill Spinster O'Mally (Bambi Allen).

Steve and Maria just find it funny.

Steve grabs Spinster O'Mally and rips her clothes off.

Perhaps the best, most memorable scene Bambi Allen has ever done.

Steve carries Spinster O'Mally to a corner of the room where Maria can rape her with a Gherkin pickle.  Yeah, you read that correctly.

Spinster O'Mally comes to enjoy the pickle rape.

Other temerance workers are experiencing similar treatment.

Steve finds that, while he was distracted by the temperance workers, his business has been destroyed by Fats' men.  Time for revenge...

Steve has sex with Pearl - but it's for a purpose...

Since Pearl is Fats' girl, she knows where his precious and saintly daughter Nancy lives. Steve gets that information from Pearl and heads to Miami.
He's able to seduce innocent Nancy (Maria Lease).

Nancy is raped by a farmer... which we should have seen coming since this is Maria Lease who seems to get raped in every single movie she's in.

Steve enacts gory retribution.

Fats and his men show up at the farm and start blasting away.

It ends in tragedy. 

I can't help but admire David F. Friedman flicks from this era.  He could have phoned it in, but he always ensures the directors get the production budget necessary to at least try and look like the big budget Hollywood films. He embraced epic stories, big historical pieces and whatnot - and packing them full of nudity of the most gratuitous variety.  While this was nowhere near his best production, I raise my glass once again to the effort.


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