Sep 16, 2021

The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (1976)


They had a habit in the seventies of wanting to turn fairy tales and famous stories (Robin Hood, Boccaccio, etc.) into bawdy movies. Here, Cervantes gets the sexual revolution treatment.

Later released as "Superknight"

Pedro (Shmuel Livneh) and Maria (Adriana Van Hemert) make love

Don Quixote (Corey John Fisher) rolls up thinking he's saving the fair "contessa" from a fiend.

Maria tries to tell him she doesn't need saving.

And Don Quixote accidentally tears off her dress.

Suddenly, Maria breaks into song: "Hell hath no fury like a maid, who is being interrupted while being laid." Yes this is a musical!

At an inn owned by Sancho Panza (Hy Pyke) Quixote is serviced by maidens who suspect he's full of money; i.e. a real knight.  One of the maidens is played by Sandy Carey.

Meanwhile, Sancho Panza beds down M

Elsewhere, Rosetta (Olivia Enke) is being whipped and assaulted by Hector (David Clover). He demands to know where her father's treasure is hidden.

Olivia Enke was in only one other movie - my all time favorite, Curse of the Alpha Stone (1972).

Don Quixote rides up with Sancho Panza and saves her.

As a reward, Rosetta tells him where the treasure is buried.

While Quixote looks for the treasure, she sings a tune with her boobs out: 
Hey you handsome knight,
Why don't you take off your coat of arms and show me
All your manly charms and make love to me.
Come attack me with your spear,
Be it front or be it rear

They have sex.  But she's ultimately killed by Hector's dagger.

Quixote and Sancho bathe in a river and run into two gypsies, Cybel (Haji) and Roxana (Maria Arnold)

Roxana thinks Quixote is pleasuring her under water.

But it's really a snake!

Cybel seduces the always-horny Sancho Panza, but it's a trap.

They're nearly burned at the stake at the gypsy camp, but manage to escape.

They stay the night at a nearby village. Carla (Patrice Rohmer) shows him to his room.

They start to make love but Quixote falls asleep and her lover Manuelo (Bob Mclean) the stable fills his shoes

Carla is chastised by Sancho.

The countess Marguerita (Phyllis Lovit) fools around with her naked maid Lucia (Marilyn Brown)

Her overly jealous husband Count Escobar inspects her bush.

Poor Marguerita is fitted with a chastity belt.

Lucia finds a key in the count's chambers, but it doesn't fit.

Marguerita breaks into song. 

Don Quixote tries to help find the keys.

To preserve her modesty, Quixote tries to try each key while staying behind a curtain. Marguerita has no need for modesty saying, "Come now we aren't living Dark Ages any longer. These are liberated times. This is the year 1606."

Meanwhile, Sancho gets it on with Inez (Brand'e) by the stables.

But Quixote interrupts them; she sticks her tongue out as Sancho is forced to leave.

Quixote finally obtains the key and removes Marguerita's chastity belt

Free at last.

A mysterious messenger informs Quixote that his lover has been kidnapped. Quixote quickly leaves.

But this was just a trick.  The messenger is really the countess' lover Fernando (Wade Crookham).

Two peasant women (Anne Gaybis and Candy Samples) are picking peppers.  They make up their mind to go to the windmill and get out of the heat and enjoy some wine.

It couldn't be a Don Quixote movie without the windmill.

The ladies enjoy riding horses and drinking wine in Pablo's (Wally K. Berns) windmill.

Quixote attacks the windmill.

Sancho takes Anne Gaybis and Candy Samples out for some fun.

He launches into a terrible song.

You'll note they're wearing this ridiculous underwear, but....

The film suddenly hits you with some stills where the ladies are wearing nothing at all.

These must have been promotional photos, but it does make you wonder if there's a dirtier verison.

There's a final vignette, but we'll just end here. THE END

Gobs of great nudity, but it's so cheesy and badly written.  Worse still is the musical parts - I can't emphasize enough how awful these songs are.  It's saved from being unwatchable by the aforementioned nudity which is in ample supply.


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