Sep 25, 2021

That Malicious Age (1975)


(Original Title: Quella età maliziosa) A man tired of his miserable life in the city goes to work as a gardener on a remote villa on the Island of Elba. There, he gets wrapped up in the eccentric life of a widow and her hot daughter.

Napoleone (Nino Castelnuovo) has had it with his nagging wife and miserable existence in the city.

He applies for a job as a gardener for a rich widow (Anita Sanders).

I honestly don't recall if Anita Sanders' character gets a proper name in this film.  Let's just call her mother as they do in the credits.

The widow's daughter Paola (Gloria Guida) picks Napoleone up at the station.

They take a bus further into Elba where Paola and Napoleone basically are dry humping each other.

Napoleone meets the mother and is shown to his quarters.

At night he sees Paola dancing naked in her window.

Is there a significance that he's named Napoleone and he's on Elba (where Bonaparte was exiled)?  I don't think it's a coincidence, although I'm not sure the meaning.

There's one other person on the villa grounds - a psychotic fisherman (Mario Garriba) who does lewd gestures toward Paola.

Napoleone fights the fisherman.  In his room, the mother tends to his wounds.

Then drops her dress, with nothing underneath.

She asks for a light.

But when Napoleone makes advances, she pushes him away. WTF?

Adolfo (Andrea Aureli) tends to Paola.

He asks Napoleone to rub this lotion on her.

Um, whatever you say, boss.

On an outing, Paola rubs Napoleone's dick, and he wrecks the car.

Paola leaves a trail of her clothing and has Napoleone chase her naked.

He catches up to her, lying nude under a tree.

They have sex.

Uh-oh.  Napoleone leaves, and Paola now finds herself alone with the fisherman.

She finds a rock within grasp and hits the fisherman on the head.

Napoleone arrives and at that moment the fisherman collapses, seemingly dead.

Paola is comforted by her mother.  Meanwhile, Napoleone finds the fisherman isn't dead. 

As he runs for supplies to help the man, Paola's mother does what she needed to do. Rolling the fisherman off a cliff to die.

There's a backstory to this fisherman, and Napoleone is upset that he's now tied to a murder.  He yells at Paola's mother and leaves the island never to return. THE END

I wanted to like it: the acting is good, there's generous nudity, and a fairly offbeat story that you get sucked into.  And I did like it, but there's something missing and I'm not quite sure what. Maybe the dialog could have been better, maybe a good score would have helped, and I think the characters were a bit flat and empty. 


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