Sep 24, 2021

Temptations (1999)


On one hand, it's your standard late-night-cable steamy romance.  On the other, it feels like a Mexican soap opera with graphic softcore sex.  It's hard to explain, but this could easily fit in on the Univision daytime as "Rancho Holloway" minus the sex. And speaking of the sex - this one gets as close to hardcore as you can probably get at times.  But I get ahead of myself...

Beverly Halloway (Lauren Hays) works on her parents' farm.

She fantasizes about a farmhand.

But she's stuck with her boyfriend John (Julian T. Brown) who's not nearly as exciting.

They go at it in the hay.

Beverly's sister Claire (Allison Thomas-Miller) and her husband Dylan (Brad Bartram) also earn their living on the Holloway Ranch.

Claire washes the car.  I think you know what's coming.

Allison Thomas-Miller is amazing in this movie.  She was only in one other erotic film (which we'll be covering soon), so she's a bit of a mystery.

Ha!  I love it.

Dylan and John note that the soil has gone dry.  If the crops aren't ready for harvest soon, they're in big trouble.

The arrival of naive city girl Charlene (Monique Parent).

She's friends with Beverly who takes her to the lake.

Beverly disrobes.

The girls sunbathe.

Then they make love.

Oh boy. Glen Gibson (Stephen Howard) arrives and tells Dylan and Claire that, if they don't make their payments soon, he's going to foreclose on the Holloway Ranch.

Dylan begs for a deferment until after the harvest.  But Glen shows no mercy.

Beverly and John have sex.

This scene cracks me up.  Everyone's out on the porch having their coffee and breakfast, just laughing away.  It's really hard to take the impending foreclosure drama seriously when the Holloways behave like their in a 90s coffee commercial.

Lol!  Not exactly Grapes of Wrath is it.

Nicole (Keri Windsor) and Bobby (Scott Anthony) make love down by the lake.  What's funny about this is that they have no relation to the story whatsoever. Yet, they have two sex scenes in this film.

Turns out Charlene and John have a history.

Beverly continues to lust over the farmhand, Tanner (Jay Huguley).

Claire takes a shower.

Dylan joins her.

Charlene gets acquainted with Tanner.

Out in the barn...

John and Beverly's relationship begins to crack.

Claire is worried about the foreclosure.

Dylan makes her feel better.

He squirts orange slices on her.

As stated, Allison Thomas-Miller is da real MVP of this film.

Dylan is relieved that they've finally gotten the rain.  But will their tractor start? (We'll soon learn that the Holloway Ranch is being sabotaged.)

Tanner and Beverly finally consummate their lusts.

But John sees it through the window.

Irrelevant characters Nicole and Bobby are at it again.

Off come the panties, over the Reeboks. 

John has packed his bags. Charlene doesn't want him to leave.

They have sex.

Usually these softcore sex scenes are painfully obvious that their simulated.  This one, not so much.  It clearly is, but holy shit, Monique Parent delivers perhaps her best, most explicit, sex scene ever.

They've come to foreclose on the ranch.  Dylan has to be held back.

Tanner has discovered that Glen Gibson was the one sabotaging their tractor and whatnot, so he could buy the property himself.

Ah, but Charlene has come through and saved the day.  Oh, and by the way, her and John are now together.

Tanner and Beverly are also now together - and, more news, Claire announces she's pregnant.  Oh, happy day. THE END

About as contrived and cheesy a story as you could ever dream up.  However, it's kicked up several levels thanks to the sincerity of all involved: every actor seems all-in.  Then you have unknown Allison Thomas-Miller knocking it out of the park, and Monique Parent delivering possibly her greatest sex scene (and when you've been in as many sex scenes as Parent, that's really saying something). 


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