Sep 12, 2021

Taxi Girl (1977)


Basically the same plot as La poliziotta fa carriera (1975) where Edwige Fenech serves as bait to lure in drug dealers/bad guys.

Marcella (Edwige Fenech) has inherited a taxi business, and serves as an unexpectedly beautiful cabbie.

Smooth operator, Ramon (George Hilton), hits on Marcella.

They park out in the country to make love in the cab.

Little does Marcella realize, they are being watched by Ornella (Rossana Di Lorenzo), Ramon's comically homely spouse.

Ornella starts firing her shotgun at the cab.

Marcella is furious at Ramon and throws him out of the cab.

It's weird to see George Hilton in a role like this, but that makes it extra humorous. 

Marcella has to drive back to Rome naked.

Marcella's over-the-top parents:  (Enzo Liberti and Adriana Facchetti)

Part of the charm of this movie is the depth of comedic talent on display. Gastone Pescucci as the stereotypical film director.

Motorcycle cops Isidoro (Gianfranco D'Angelo) and Walter (Michele Gammino).  Walter is obsessed with Marcella.

Finally we get to the plot: Marcella gives a ride to a crime boss Adone Adonis (Aldo Maccione) and his assistant Rocco (Giacomo Rizzo).

Alvaro Vitali of course is here.  This scene is genuinely funny as Marcella drives off with the fuel pump still in her tank.  It snaps back and conks Alvaro in the head. 

Marcella gets linked up with a sheikh's harem.

She gets changed into her Arabian costume.

The scene doesn't add anything to the story other than a wacky side-adventure for Fenech to show her boobs.

Marcella goes on a date with Ramon.

She gets hopelessly drunk.

Walter is here, stalking Marcella.  He gets pummelled by their aggressive dancing.

Marcella goes home drunk with Ramon, who gets waylaid by Ornella.

Walter "rescues" sloppy drunk Marcella.

He proposes.

Marcella is again driving Adonis and Rocco.

Commissario Angelini (Enzo Cannavale) would like to use Marcella as bait to catch Adonis.

Alvaro drives Marcella to a night club; she's disguised as a blonde stripper.

Edwige Fenech delivers an outstanding striptease.

Adonis is transfixed.

Marcella, a novice stripper, struggles comically to pull off her stockings. This is what made Fenech so amazing - she was a knockout, but also an incredible comedic actress.

Adonis and Rocco can't believe their eyes.

Adonis invites Marcella back to his place.

Alvaro and Ramon follow. (Bad comedy ensues.)

Adonis is abusive to Marcella when she refuses to have sex.

Rocco is tasked with guarding Marcella.  She purposefully shows him her ass.

Rocco can't resist.

Marcella hits him over the head with a vase.

Marcella holds them at gunpoint and escapes Adonis' mansion.

What follows is a car chase and a series of wacky events which gets more and more outrageous, culminating in total chaos.

As far as Fenech sex comedies go, it's par for the course.  Nowhere near as good as La Pretora from the previous year, but still worthy to star Fenech at the height of her popularity.


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