Sep 6, 2021

Sweet Taste of Honey (1976)


(Original Title: Luxure) A rich woman checks into a hotel in order to kill herself after her husband leaves her for another woman.  She becomes consumed with sexual fantasies which ultimately may be her salvation.

Rich lady Laure De L'Ambre (Karine Gambier) is driving down a country road.

She imagines she sees herself and her ex-husband Jacques frolicking in the shrubbery.

She imagines seeing herself slit her wrist.

Laure sees herself dead.  

Laure checks in to the Hôtel des Chats

In the lobby are happy newlyweds Peter (Richard Darbois) and Ursula (Corinne Lemoine), and the hotel clerk, Carlos (Pierre Danny)..

Carlos shows Laure to her room.

She's always looking longingly at her beloved Jacques, who left her for another woman.  Now, Laure wants to kill herself at the Hôtel des Chats, a place where her and Jacques would come every year.

Carlos helps her with her robe.

Peter and Ursula are so giddily happy it's disgusting for Laure to watch

Laure fantasizes about herself in Ursula's place.

She imagines getting pounded by Peter in front of everyone.

Out for a walk, Laure has another fantasy.

She imagines she's in a skimpy nighty and walks past Carlos.

Carlos chases her through the woods.

Carlos rapes her.

But this is all just a fantasy in Laure's mind.

Back to reality - at the hotel lounge.  The happy couple are giddily ordering their meal.

Laure fantasizes again.  She imagines that Carlos and Peter get her drunk.

She drunkenly tries to suck their dick but they push her to the floor....

... and pour champagne on her, which gets her all hot-and-bothered.

Later, Laure conjures up the resolve to introduce herself to Peter.

She sees Peter and Ursula again in the lounge.

Laure imagines that she cuts in on their dance.

And suddenly they're all naked.

Laure stares at Peter while she caresses his wife's bush.

Peter watches the ladies go at it.

The next morning, Laure is back to staring at Jacques' photograph.

She puts on a see-through-nightgown. 

She asks Peter if she can come into his room (while Ursula is away).

She lays on his bed, and Peter can't resist.

Laure leads Peter to her room.

After sex, she tells Peter she's sorry.

Back to slobbering over Jacques' photograph.

Carlos, who witness the affair, starts to strangle her.

Peter returns and punches Carlos, saving Laure.

Ursula notices Peter seems a bit distant.

Carlos brings Laure to a secret room.  He has a surprise ready for her.

A group of men gang bang her.

Each man takes his turn.

In the end it is only Carlos who can bring her to orgasm.

This seems to have been enough to break her from Jacques' memory.  She tears up his photograph.

It ends very much like a French movie - detached and surreal.  Laure picks up a hitchhiker, they exchange a few cryptic lines that you could spend all day interpreting. THE END

I generally don't care for melancholy movies like this - a French film about a forlorn rich bitch isn't exactly my cup of tea.  But it's executed so well, it's hard not get sucked in - and it's just saturated with a thick erotic vibe.  Not too shabby.


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  1. The T&A is some of the best. Filmed and choreographed well but damn she looks ugly