Sep 28, 2021

Sweet Hot Lisa (1980)


(Original Title: Dolce calda Lisa) Lisa is a young woman married to an older fat slob.  She cheats on him with a decadent group of rich perverts, abandoning her frumpy but loving husband. But is there any future in that lifestyle?

Lisa (Luigina Rocchi) is a young super-hot wife

Nazzareno (Francesco Parisi) is an older, chubby husband. 

Nazzareno can't seem to get her excited, but it's not for lack of trying.

Lisa gets ready for bed.

Nazzareno likes what he sees.

She gets into bed and they have sex... but she's less than impressed.

Out grocery shopping, Lisa spots something that will change her life.

A sleazy movie is playing at the cinema.

And would you believe it's a Bavarian Sex Comedy! I just love that it's an Elizabeth Volkmann lederhosen film that changes Lisa's life.  Awesome.

Lisa's eyes have been opened.  She buys stockings like the woman in the movie poster.

Nazzareno comes hom and wonders what's come over her.

Why is she suddenly wearing stockings around the house?

Lisa bends over to pick up something...

This is about as much as Nazzareno can handle...

He jumps her bones in the kitchen.

But Nazzareno is interrupted by a call from his sick mother.  Lisa is beyond disappointed.

She gets dressed and goes for a walk...

This is one of my favorite scenes - not just in this movie, but any movie.  It's equivalent to Travolta walking down the street with his buckets of paint.  Lisa notices she's getting ogled by all the men.  At first she feels violated (as women today would feel).  But then it becomes liberating to be the object of lust.  She embraces it, starts to grin ear to ear, struts down the street to the sound of exulting music.

Done with being the unsexed dowdy housewife, Lisa gets a modern hairstyle.

Well this escalated quickly.  She cheats on her husband with an old dude - an associate of Nazzareno.

The old dude knows how to pleasure a lady.

Lisa goes into a store selling magazines and fumetti.

She's spotted by Marco (Mario Cutini) and his lover Patrizia (Maruska Ferretti)

Patrizia invites Lisa over.

Lisa is taken in by Marco.  Check out that arcade game.

I love just looking at all the fumetti in this shop.

Lisa is introduced to  The Count (Enzo Fisichella

A bit patronizing, but okay.

The Count's guests include Marco and Carmen (Guia Lauri Filzi)

And there's this nude chick (Annj Goren)

Lisa is laid down on the couch.

Carmen takes the naked chick upstairs.

Well after this decadent gathering, Lisa finds her homelife even more dull.

Lisa and Nazzareno go on a double date to the movies.

They stop at a liquor store on the way back.

Lisa goes to the bathroom where she finds Marco waiting for her - and he rapes her!

Lisa leaves with her husband; Marco and Patrizia give her a look as she leaves.

Unbelievably, Lisa is still attracted to Marco and talks to him secretly.

Marco leads her on to think she's the only woman for him.  However, Patrizia is getting naked and gives him head while he's on the phone to her.

Nazzareno may be a flabby oaf, but he cares for her and is a sweet guy.  He's very patient, and is concerned something is up with her.

Lisa is shitty to him and leaves to go be with Marco.

Marco has sex with her.  She seems to have found her true love.

But she finds Patrizia naked with him again.

Marco isn't exactly nice about it...

In fact, he nearly rapes her again.

Lisa contemplates throwing herself on the tracks (or maybe just getting on a train to nowhere).

But in the last few seconds of the film, she calls Nazzareno. THE END

Luigina Rocchi is gorgeous, not hesitant to do full frontal, and is actually a good actress.  I loved the aforementioned "sexual awakening" strut down the street, and for all its sleaziness, in a way it's just a charming little story.  The problem is that the story itself is a bit tired and played; not particularly inventive in any way.  So, it's hard to really love the film, but I can appreciate it nonetheless.


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