Sep 13, 2021

Sting in the Family (1976)


(Original Title: Stangata In Famiglia) A fat slob is sent to investigate various masseuse and beautician businesses to see if they're legit or actually fronts for prostitution.

Brambilla (Piero Mazzarella) is a widower, as is his brother-in-law Nicola (Lino Banfi). They're all not doing so well financially, living in the same small apartment.

Sabina (Romy Schell), Nicola's daughter 

 Pina (Gabriella Golia), Brambilla's daughter

Mariuccia (Patrizia Gori) his other daughter.

I swear half this film takes place at the dinner table.  At times it feels like a seventies sitcom without a laugh track.

In order to up their standard of living, Brambilla takes a position working under Dr. Esposito (Chris Avram) at the Intendenza di Finanza.  He has a special task for him.  Many masseuse and cosmetic businesses are actually just prostitution rackets.  Brambilla is to investigate them.

So, Brambilla calls one (Ida Meda) to his home.

She's surprised to find his whole extended family there.  Clearly she's there to provide something other than a massage.  In the future, Brambilla will have to go their location, rather than have them come to him if he's to hope to bust them.

Another girl (Franca Mantelli) arrives.

She gives Nicola the ride of a lifetime.

Brambilla gets a massage.

Brambilla is put under a blanket to rest, and he spies the illicit activity going on through a hole in the sheet.

Next on Brambilla's list is psycho (Isabella Biagini) living in a haunted house of sorts.

Brambilla barely gets out unscathed.

Next, Margherita (Femi Benussi) a masseuse 

To test her authenticity, Brambilla grabs her butt.

Margherita throws him out. But they talk it over afterwards when he explains he's from the Finance Office.

Margherita presents him with her license.

The three girls watch TV at home; pretty pointless.  There's a lot of home scenes which serve only to take a break from the gratuitous nudity.

Brambilla sees a cosmetologist. 

Based on a previous encounter, he reaches up her lab coat to see if she's a man or woman. (Don't ask.)

The woman is horrified, yet still feels compelled to prove she's a woman.

Nicola gets his nails done.  Even she is part of the under-the-table prostitution industry. It seems this problem is more widespread than they thought.

Nicola makes the most of it.

Brambilla has a couple "masseuse" over, and they quickly disrobe.

No idea who these actresses are, but this is the best scene in the movie.

Brambilla quietly steps out and they don't even notice.

Yet another masseuse.

Brambilla is disturbed to see the hot masseuse step out and a hideously ugly one take her place.

The finale. Brambilla investigates one more massage business.

He's horrified to find Pina is the masseuse!

And Sabina!

And Mariuccia!

Mariuccia and the other girls scream, and Brambilla has a heart attack.  Apparently, this operation is run by Nicola.

Dr. Esposito is at his bedside.  

Dr. Esposito and Margherita are actually in cahoots.  Indeed it seems everyone's in on the sex racket except Brambilla. THE END

Not really on board with this one.  The scenes in Brambilla's home are so boring and unfunny; and it takes nearly twenty minutes for the plot to even lift-off. They have a great idea as a vehicle to sleaze- the perfect story for a succession of nude scenes.  Yet, it feels squandered somewhat.  See Ladies' Doctor (1977) for how to do this properly. 


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