Sep 25, 2021

Special Request (1984)

At first glance, looks like just a fetish video.  But it stars Michelle Bauer, and would you believe also 
Barbara Peckinpaugh? Bauer arguably the greatest Scream Queen of all time, and Peckinpaugh, whose life was cut short, but definitely made the most of it (see the Kevin Costner slasher Shadows Run Black, Roller Blade, Get Crazy, and other cult movie gems). 

Divorced, wealthy "ice queen" Jan Collins  (Michelle Bauer) gets into self-bondage.

She puts on handcuffs and takes shower.

Whatever floats your boat.

Jan finds a secret wish fulfillment service.

Jan: "I'm told that you provide services.  Discreet services."

Carla (Myra Stevens): "I provide expensive fantasy fulfilment for wealthy people like you."

Jan explains that her last self-bondage experience was disastrous 

So, Jan is assigned to a dominatrix

Mistress doesn't go light.  Jan yells, "I think you're getting a little carried away with that whip.  I didn't get into this to get flayed alive."

The Mistress calls Carla giving the update with the "ice queen".

Jan is strung up and twirled around.

Mistress snaps pictures as she twirls.

Jan: "Quit with the camera shit.  I came here to play, not make pictures for your pervert photo album."

For the final bit of torture, Jan straddles a tent-shaped contraption.

The Mistress explains that she'll use the photographs as blackmail to show to her stock holders.

Good times.

Yeah, no thanks.  I am one-hundred percent behind the glorious amount of nudity Michelle Bauer provides, but beyond that, this sucks.  Even if you're into this business, it's no good. For one, it's shot so unbelievably badly - as if the camera was put on a tripod, and doesn't move positions for ten minutes. Yeah, I know this isn't exactly a Bluray print, but still. Bauer was in a fair number of these bondage flicks, but I expected more from one with Peckinpaugh. But this film did inspire a number of sequels, so I guess, what do I know?


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