Sep 30, 2021

Sexy Urban Legends: Things That Go Bump in the Night (2002)


Season 2 Episode 1 of Sexy Urban Legends. The two tales are "Vanishing Hitchhiker" and "Dirty Deeds" 

The hosts, Mick Thomas and Tony Menke, are the worst thing about this show.  They introduce each story, sounding like frat boys past their prime. "Wait till her you hear this bro..."

Story #1 "Vanishing Hitchhiker"

Jason (Glen Meadows) and Karen (Kate Frost) are making out

Karen strips for him

Then they have sex.

But there's one problem: after sex, all Karen can do is talk about getting married.

So, Jason drives off and almost runs over a young woman standing in the road

He offers her a ride.

Her name is Amelia (Monique Alexander)

They have sex in the back.

Jason goes to the house the girl was walking toward and finds an older woman  (Donna Stearns), but no Amelia.

In fact, Amelia was her daughter who died in a car accident in the 1970s.

Story #2 "Dirty Deeds"

Carrie (Beverly Lynne) is a real estate agent who gets plowed by her boy toy.

But she's got to get to work to pay those bills.

John (Voodoo), an out of work musician, carries her to bed for another round.

But Carrie insists that she's got to get to work.

She even suggests John get off his ass and clean up around the house.  She promises to bring him a surprise after work.

Carrie leaves and John fools around with Darla (Stephanie Swift)

They're interrupted by a call from Carrie

Carrie says she's on her way home with the surprise.

John assumes the surprise is sexual (a menage) as Carrie alluded to earlier.  But it's not - it's her parents.  She's brought them over to meet John.

John greets them at the front door with his dick out, THE END

Okay, I get it.  These are more of a Penthouse forum than real urban legends.  The first story was pretty cool; although one we've heard a million time.  The second story was terrible.  But damn, the sex and nudity is way beyond what you'd expect from a late-night-cable "Skinamax" show. Definitely intriguing enough to warrant checking out further episodes.


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