Sep 11, 2021

Sexy Assassins (2012)


Two assassins, one male and one female, cross paths.  Lots o' simulated sex ensues.

Layla (Justine Joli), an assassin, is seducing her next victim.

During sex, she smothers him with a pillow.

Layla counts the money rolling in from the hit.

Max (Jason Sarcinelli) asks Layla's secretary, Serena (Michelle Maylene), for an appointment with her boss.  He's denied.

Serena does, however, agree to go to his place.

Off come the clothes and they screw on the couch.

Layla shows up.  She knows Max stole her day planner.  Turns out, Max is an assassin too, and he's been hired to kill her.

Layla obtains a fingerprint from a glass in Max's place to get his true identity.

She screws the computer guy, I guess as payment.

She meets with her wealthy employer, Damon (Tate Ammons).

And, of course, they have sex.

So, Layla now is being paid a bounty to kill Max...

And Max is being paid to kill Layla. But who's paying him?  We'll find out later.

Inevitably, Max and Layla have sex.

After sex, Layla explains how she kills her targets.

She shows how she seduces her victims...

She attempts to demonstrate how she kills her victims with a pillow.  This freaks out Max, who throws her off.

In a hidden camera video, Layla and Max learn that Serena is behind it all.

Max pays her a visit.

They have sex...

And then he fucking murders her with a pillow!  THE END

The end was admittedly surprising, but otherwise as cliched as can be.  To say this story exists simply to provide a template for sex scenes would be the most obvious statement in the history of the written word.


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