Sep 12, 2021

Sextet (1964)


A working stiff with a dowdy wife imagines he's attended by a harem of topless babes.  

George (Pauly Dash) is on a lonely fishing trip.

He can't believe his eyes...

His crew consists of topless hotties.

George is in paradise.

He puts the ladies to work.

Of course, it was all a fantasy.  George returns home, miserable.

His wife, Thelma (Judy Mason), never makes an effort to look attractive for him. And she always nags.

A sad breakfast.

George returns to his fantasy world where he's surrounded by a harem of ladies.

One of these harem girls is Linda Lovelace; I'm thinking it's the girl on the left.

George is having the time of his life.

Then it's back to miserable reality as he makes a big ass sandwich. 

Thelma puts him to work in the kitchen.

In his fantasy, George is frolicking in a pool with his naked harem.

Thelma doesn't understand how he could be soaking wet.

Fantasy time, once again.

Back to reality.

George's fantasies have gotten Thelma hot and bothered.

But he's so worn out from the fantasy, he's unable to get with Thelma.  Instead, he runs away.

Extremely repetitive and more than a little boring.  Still, I like the look of it - especially George's pad. A goodly amount of boobs on screen; a pity none of them are Thelma's. The nudie-cuties with vibrant technicolor pallets are a joy to behold.


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