Sep 30, 2021

Sexy Urban Legends: Masked Marauders (2001)


Season 1 Episode 2 of Sexy Urban Legends: The two tales are "Halloween Party" and "Cybersex"

Annoying-as-hell hosts Mick Thomas and Tony Menke  treat us to another double feature of erotic tall tales.

Story #1 "Halloween Party"

Claire (Keri Windsor) is at a costume shop looking for something to wear to a Halloween party.

In the dressing room, she starts to get aroused by the outfit she puts on...

Claire doesn't realize she's being watched on the surveillance camera

Claire gets overheated fantasizing in the dressing room.

Later, she tells Steve she's too tired to go to the Halloween party. Steve goes by himself.

Later that night, she realizes Steve has never seen her costume...

So she goes to the costume party to see if Steve will have sex with her, not knowing who she is.  A dirty trick.

Claire recognizes Steve by his costume.  He's having sex with another woman wearing a Cleopatra costume.  Claire decides to join in.

Cleopatra and Claire go at it.

Then Steve jumps in for a threesome.  Holy shit, one of the more realistic softcore scenes you'll see; would have been shocking to see on Cinemax just a few years earlier.

Claire rushes to beat Steve home.  She asks him how was the party.

He hands Claire a wad of cash, saying he didn't go because another guy paid him to wear his costume and go the party in his place.  So, yeah, Claire just got pounded by a stranger.

Story #2 "Cybersex"

Darlene (Jezebelle Bond) is tired of her husband Billene.  He's absolutely lousy in bed.

Darlene gets her release online.

She's obsessed with a guy who calls himself "Road Rage"

Road Rage really sizzles Darlene's loins.

But what's this?  Darlene recognizes the writer... Road Rage is actually Bill!

Trying to trick Bill, she agrees to meet Road Rage at a hotel.  Instead of it being Bill, it's a delivery boy who calls himself Road Rage. She has sex with him anyway.

You see, Bill (Marklen Kennedy) knew Darlene was onto him.  So he sent a delivery boy in his place.

Bill has his own obsession: an online girl named Candy (Sunny Raen).  He can picture her so vividly, it's like she's actually in the room with him.

Candy, his online fantasy girl, leads him to a back room.

The punchline is that Candy is actually this old woman. 

Sorry, I can't help it.  You put a few more of these together and you have yourself a fairly good anthology movie.  Not good - fairly good.  The sex is way beyond late-night-cable levels, and it's filmed competently enough.  Definitely a worthy watch for sexploitation fans.


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