Sep 28, 2021

Secret Needs (2001)


As far as these dime-a-dozen straight-to-DVD or late-night-cable flicks go, this is one of the more erotic examples of the genre. 

Harry (Nicholas Franklin Bray) and Lisa Ann (Erin Marie) say goodbye to neighbors Bill (Collin Toran) and Kiki (Heidi France).

Lisa Ann had to be fake all evening; she's not exactly getting along with Harry

Harry has to coax her out of her pajamas.

They have sex, but it's not what it should be - for either of them.

Ogling a jogger, Harry accidentally hits another woman's car.

Jessica (Lisa Comshaw)

Harry and Jessica grab a cappuccino and they get along really well.

Back at home with Lisa Ann, it's the same old miserable tension.

Harry says fuck this shit and calls Jessica.

He goes to her place and finds it to be an S&M dungeon.

Jessica is in a cage waiting for him.

She binds and blindfolds Harry.

She puts back on her gown before taking it right back off to hop on his jock.

Back at home, Lisa Ann does vacuuming.  Not nearly as exciting as Jessica's bondage dungeon.

Remember neighbors Bill (Collin Toran) and Kiki (Heidi France)?  Well, just randomly check in with them and see what they're up to.

Bill really gets into it.  Kiki not so much.

While Lisa Ann sleeps, Harry sneaks over to Jessica's place.

Jessica drips candle wax on him.

She also has a surprise - a woman in a box (like the Gimp).

Monique (Tomi Luutsford)

Jessica and Monique wait for Harry's direction.  They'll do whatever he asks them to do.

Tomi Luutsford was not in a single other movie; this seems to be her only role.

Harry commands that Monique strip.

Monique then undresses Jessica.

Harry then commands them to have sex.

Good times.  Harry is living the dream.

Jessica shows up at Harry's house while Lisa Ann is at work, posing as a plumber.

They have sex in the bathroom.

Afterwards, Jessica admires their bedroom, fantasizing she was in Lisa Ann's shoes.

She even puts on Lisa Ann's clothes.

Lisa Ann returns from work, unhappy and bitter as always.

Jessica is really pushing the envelope at getting caught.  Today she's delivering a pizza.

The next day, Harry returns home to find she's posing as a maid.

They have sex in the kitchen.

Bill and Kiki are invited over.  Lisa Ann sits next to Bill.

Harry awkwardly sits next to Kiki by default.

Lisa Ann gets aggressively flirtatious with Bill.

She takes him back to the bedroom and jumps his bones.

Um. Okay then.  Kiki is left alone and uncomfortable.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  She makes a pass at Harry.

Who is Harry to decline a favor?

Surprisingly, Lisa Ann and Jessica meet.  Little does Harry know, they've got it all worked out.

Oblivious, Harry slips into bed.

When he wakes up, he finds Lisa Ann waiting for him in a dominatrix costume.

Things are going to change around here.  They're all going to get what they want sexually.

Jessica included, who gets to role play as the submissive housewife.

Bill and Kiki are invited back over.

Jessica comes down the stairs bringing cookies, like a good little housewife.

Adorable, aren't they.  But look who's waiting for them on the stairs....

Sorry, I have no choice but to give this high marks.  If you have really no expectation of plot, and like your erotic films softcore, but treading close to the 'dark side', this is about as good as it gets.  All the sex and nudity is well-shot, the ladies are hot.  It doesn't fall into to boring bed hopping, sex in the hot tub with an alto sax score as many nineties erotic thriller-romances did - it gets kinky and shamelessly so.

If this had been made in the seventies or early eighties, it would have been a depressing and brutal story of degradation - something like The Image (1975).  Perhaps it would have a little more meat on the bones, but still not my cup of tea.  In contrast, this film can almost be called campy.  True S&M fetishists will probably laugh at this - as it's a far cry from a true kink flick. Really, the only real bondage/S&M is just in the form of sexy outfits.  So, it's light in the kink department, but that's okay - it's heavy in the erotic department.  An absolute banger from twenty years ago.


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