Sep 22, 2021

School of Love (1969)


Not much more here than a stag film, but it features the great Monica Gayle, so definitely worth a look.  The "story" concerns a young couple who are having marital problems, and so enroll in the "school of love" to get their romance back on track.

John Dennis (Michael Stearns) and his wife Laura (Fifi Watson) are having another fight.

Laura feels neglected and mistreated

She gets out of bed and storms into the living room.

Laura and John try to talk it out, but their fight gets even worse.

Along comes Jilda (Monica Gayle)

Jilda explains that her and Harry were having the same problems.  So, they attended the "School of Love" and it fixed everything.

Laura is hesitant since it's $100 per day, but at this point they'll try anything.

And so, Jilda brings them to the school.

The Headmistress (Ruth Knox)

They have to pay up front. John writes a check for one hundred big ones.

Jilda leads Laura to another room.

This leaves John alone with the headmistress. 

They have sex.


Laura and Jilda get intimate

Jilda takes Laura to a room where a woman is being whipped.

They watch awkwardly.

Charlie (Danny Sillman) introduces himself.

Laura has sex with Charlie on a chair.

The headmistress brings another man in...

Jilda walks in on the headmistress getting it from both ends.

Jilda joins in on Charlie and Laura's fun. This is the kind of dialog we're dealing with.
Jilda: "Hey, Laura, learning anything?"
Laura: "And how!"

At the end of the day, Laura tells the headmistress that this was "the most rewarding course I've ever taken."

John kisses the headmistress farewell.

Their marriage has been saved.

Always a treat to see Monica Gayle, but there's not much here: just badly shot sex scenes between stilted dialog.  It was a bit odd to see an older lady get such a prominent role in a sex film. This was actually Ruth Knox's first film, and she pops up in a few more of these cheap-o skin flicks over the next couple years including Ego Trip (1969) and Who Killed Cock Robin? (1970).


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