Sep 26, 2021

Ready for Anything (1977)


(Original Title; Disposta A Tutto) A Last Tango in Paris wannabe.  Densely packed with nudity, but the story is barely watchable.  

Marco (Bekim Fehmiu) falls for younger girl Anna (Eleonora Giorgi)

She goes to stenographer school

Ten full minutes of blooming romance drivel. Already losing interest.

Marco is a married man with a daughter.

Marco's wife (Laura De Marchi) doesn't turn him on.

He goes to the disco wearing a suit almost identical to Travolta's.

There's a random naked dancer at the club

Marco picks up a prostitute (Agostina Belle)

Agostina Belle is gorgeous.  The highlight of the film.

Back with Anna who shows her masochistic side.

She tries to stab her boob, but Marco intervenes. 

Anna in the rain.

Eleonora Giorgi's best scene - having sex with Marco.

They're ready to part ways; Marco drops her off in her shitty neighborhood.

But Marco's loins are aflame.  He can't let her go.

Their unconventional romance heats up as she tells him of her experience pretending to be a prostitute.

Eleonora Giorgi is pretty - in a Gloria Guida kinda way. 

Marco gets an adjoining room where he he can watch Anna have sex through a peephole.

Aren't they oh-so-dangerous? (ugh)

Marco's wife leads an abortion rally.

He and Anna are in the back.  Livin' on the edge, baby.

Anna's friend Paola (Barbara Magnolfi) comes over.

Marco drools over her from the other room.

Barbara Magnolfi doesn't get naked in this movie... which is a bitter disappointment.

Eleonora Giorgi, in contrast, is constantly out of her clothes.

Back to the disco.

Does Anna kill herself?  Unfortunately, no.

A tearful breakup in the crowd. Fuck this moive.

Full disclosure - I fast forwarded through a lot of this. The story absolutely could not hold my interest.  Boring, tame, melodramatic, slow... just pick a derogatory adjective and it probably fits.  However, the pause button was utilized quite a bit for Eleonora Giorgi's abundant nudity... so there's that.


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