Sep 21, 2021

Quella Provincia Maliziosa (1975)


A wealthy conservative family is thrown for a loop when a sexually open girl is brought into their fold.

Antonella (Karin Well)

She has dinner with a stuffy rich family.

Fabrizio (Andrea Nova), her lover, doesn't see eye to eye with his father.

Antonella's uncouth behavior is a little too much for the father...

Alceste (Daniele Vargas) does not approve

His wife Carla (Lidia Costanzo) is a lot more open minded, and is troubled by her husband's harsh behavior.  But still, she's a bit unable to process the behavior of this younger generation.

Antonella and Fabrizio go at it; with his parents right outside the door.

All this sexual activity gets Carly randy, but Alceste is far from romantic.

Having Antonella around the house proves problematic for Alceste.

Especially with her exercising out in the garden.

Antonella stands naked in front of the mirror...

The arrival of Andrea (Gianluigi Chirizzi), Fabrizio's older brother.  He's a total douche bag and has the hots for Antonella.

Alessandro (Graziano Chiaro) and Gerania (Franca Mantelli); a completely unrelated story.  Alessandro is a nerdy door-to-door salesman who gets hit on by every woman he tries to sell to. Gerania is particularly aggressive. 

Okay, well that all felt rather pointless.  But we did get to see Franca Mantelli's boobs.

Alceste visits a newsstand and his eyes gravitate to a nude woman on a magazine cover.

He lifts up magazine which is obscuring the face.... and it's Antonella!

Fabrizio works as a delivery boy.  He delivers a house plant to a blonde (Dina Castigliego) who evidently doesn't know how to fasten a housecoat. 

Fabrizio ogles her from outside the window.

Fabrizio has a heart to heart with his mother, Carla.  She's accepting of his decisions, and is currently on the outs with Alceste.

While staying with Antonella, Fabrizio has sex with her on the balcony, which attracts the attention of seemingly the entire neighborhood.

Antonella's family gathers to watch - where her younger sister (Antiniska Nemour) provides us with a brief look at her boobs.

Antonella steps out of the shower.

Fabrizio is upset because she's currently cavorting with asshole Andrea.

He catches them in bed.

Pissed off, Fabrizio lets off his sexual frustrations with the blonde lady.

In the end, it all works out. Antonella and Andrea get married. Alceste and Carla have patched things up; Alceste is now accepting of Antonella.

What's supposed to be a funny punchline: The various women whom Alessandro visited as a door-to-door salesman, including Gerania, are with child. 

The final scene has Fabrizio moping around, but then we see Antonella has admitted him into her bedroom where they have sex.  So, I guess it's all good. THE END

You get to see a fair amount of Karin Well in this movie, but damn is everything else hopelessly lame. I don't think this can be called a comedy as it doesn't really try to be funny (aside from Alessandro side story), but then it's not exactly dramatic either.  I think it would have been better served if it had played up the discovery that Antonella was in a skin magazine.  That plot point doesn't come around until halfway through the film, and is more-or-less dropped.  


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