Sep 4, 2021

Put Your Devil in My Hell (1973)


One of the many Boccaccio inspired sex comedies from Italy in the seventies.   

It's the first Jubilee of 1300. Ricciardetto (Antonio Cantafora) is painting an aristocrat's wife.

It's a nude painting of Monna Elisa (Piera Viotti), the mayor's wife.

Ricciardetto would do anything to get in the sack with Monna.

Ricciardetto's friend, Martuccio (Mimmo Baldi), aggressively mixes the paints - hilariously, you think he's furiously masturbating until the camera pans out.

The mayor of Montelupone (Antonio Vico) is a goblin of a man. Ricciardetto doesn't dare fool around with his wife, on penalty of death.

The beautiful Monna Violante (Melinda Pillon).

She's desperate for sex and Ricciardetto's friend (disguised as a beggar) is desperate for her as well. 

But Geppino (Luca Sportelli) won't stand for it.

Over and over he tries, to no avail.

A woman (Rosemarie Lindt) keeps her husband in the basement while she gets shagged upstairs.

Ricciardetto's goofy friend Martuccio may be ugly, but he's legendary in the sack. The woman is ready for him when he climbs through the window.  When her husband hears the commotion, she yells at him, "I'm fucking, I'll tidy up" - to which the husband says he's thankful for having such a dutiful wife. That's the kind of humor we're dealing with here, folks.

Monna Violante (Melinda Pillon).is still longing for the touch of a man.

Ricciardetto's other friend is still desperate to give it to her.  He disguises himself as a hooded friar.

After getting doinked by Martuccio, the woman walks in on Monna getting screwed by the "friar" - to which he avoids scandal by pretending to be a demon, and jumps out the window.

A well placed "scenery censor". 

Don't worry about this trivial side story - but it is interesting that there's a magazine article about this movie which has full frontal nudity in the publicity photo. Perhaps there is a dirtier uncut version of this film out there?

Monna Violante is caught naked by Ricciardetto's persistent friend

They hear Geppino approaching. The guy hides.

Geppino suspects Monna is up to something, but there's no guy to be found.

Monna is shocked to see he's hidden in the toilet!

Oh damn.  Geppino places his ass on the toilet and prepares to take a big dump.

Geppino makes Monna take a seat.

He takes a dump and we actually see it fall on the guy.  Totally disgusting.

Worse still, Geppino makes Monna also take a shit!

The Cardinal (Mario De Vico) has arrived.

More opportunities for boobs as one of the nuns accidentally rips her habit.

The Cardinal and Mother Badessa (Alessandra Maravia) are horrified at the sight of the nun getting it on with the priest. (They don't know she's really not a nun.)

Ricciardetto has a great scheme to help his friend finally get with Monna.

He has a village girl  (Gennaro Masini) call down for Geppino. 

She lures him to the stable where she locks him in a stall.

She allows Geppino to watcher her undress through a hole in the door.

Ricciardetto waits with a goat in hand.

Thinking the girl is on the other side of the door, Geppino puts his dick through the hole.

Ricciardetto and the girl laugh because he's actually fucking a goat!

Ricciardetto screws the girl, and she lays exhausted on the straw.  When Geppino finally gets out of the stall, he sees her lying there - and he presumes it's because of how hard he fucked her. 

While Geppino is occupied in the stable, Martuccio pounds the shit out of Monna.

Martuccio's skills in the sack have made quite an impression on Monna, who thinks it's him.

But he can't handle the sight; overwhelmed, he falls out of the window.

Along the road, they encounter the strange Amalasunta (Margaret Rose Keil).

Amalasunta takes Martuccio and Ricciardetto back to her cave, along with her two acolytes. 

The three ladies get naked, and Martuccio and Ricciardetto are asked to whip them.

Then they enjoy some cheese.

At his inn, dancing girls are called upon.

But the joke is that the soldiers are annoyed as it distracts from their meal.

Monna Elisa, asleep in her posh bedroom.

Ricciardetto can resist her no longer and jumps in the sack.  The mayor shows up; Ricciardetto conceals himself only halfway, giving an odd illusion it's Monna's legs.

The mayor discovers he's been cuckolded.  He orders Ricciardetto put to death.

The town sadly gathers to watch the execution.

Amalasunta shows up in the nick of time to save him.  She's actually royalty, and takes Ricciardetto with her to her kingdom.

Thye villagers wave goodbye - and of course, we see the ladies' backsides.

I enjoy these bawdy Decameron movies, but this one was exhausting to watch.  It just punches the accelerator and doesn't let up; resulting in just a blur of naked women and wild antics.  It sinks to depths I didn't expect - particularly the scene where Geppino shits on a guy (and they show it!) - and when Geppino fucks a goat.  Insane.


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