Sep 17, 2021

Overnight Models (1973)


(Original Title: Jagd auf Jungfrauen) A German sex comedy about a tour bus full of tourists in Berlin who get into various sexual situations.

A tour bus leaves for Berlin.

The passengers all work at the same company (and aren't allowed to bring their wives). 

In the back of the bus are secretaries Judith Fritsch and Marita Vogelsang.

Margit Cizek is surprised as she sees the ladies flashing motorists.

They arrive at the Stößensee hotel.

The tour guide, Mr. Flottwich (Max Giese), keeps trying to hit on this uppity bitch and strikes out each time.  The older gents on this tour take bets on whether Flottwich will get lucky.

Lis Larsen is here with Peter (Frank Sommer) - but they can't be found out.  

With Peter's roommate, Klaus, away on the tour, Lis comes in to his room.

Lis gets undressed and they have sex.

But the plumber has come to fix the hot water.  

So, they change to Lis' room.

Again, they're interrupted. 

So, Peter and Lis decide to leave the hotel and find another private location.

We'll check back in with them later.

Mr. Flottwich conducts the Berlin tour.

Meanwhile, Marita and Judith, secretaries at this business, hook up with a couple of the married businessmen. 

But the secretaries are upstaged by the local Berliners. 

So, Judith and Marita hed to the lake.

They hook up with a couple boaters.

Judith has sex with Mike below deck. 

Marita take her lovemaking session to shore...

Margit Cizek is hit on at the zoo.

She leaves with the guy.

She hides so as not to be seen by her co-workers.

In search of privacy, they drive to the countryside.

After sex, Margit goes to the woods to pee.

This asshole takes off in his dune buggy.

Margit is stranded nude.

She tries to make it back to the hotel.

She's spotted by an older couple.

The tour has finished up at the zoo.

Lis and Peter decide to take in a dirty movie.

The older women on this tour are feeling naughty and go to the same movie.

The film features Melitta Tegeler as a nurse getting laid by a patient.

Lis and Peter fool around in the audience, but are spotted by the old ladies.

The old ladies can't judge, because they shouldn't be here either.

Margit, covered only by a newspaper, makes her way back to the Stößensee hotel.

She tries to explain to the hotel clerk (Herbert Kluever)

As guests file in, the clerk shoves her under the counter.

The guests leave, and Margit makes love to the clerk.

Margit Cizek provides the best sex scene in the movie, by far.

Two prostitutes: Lulu (Vanessa von Brandenburg) and Mimi (Melitta Tegeler)

Lulu takes a call and they receive their next customer...

Mimi brings in the customer, and it's Flottwich!

The cops show up and Flottwich is arrested.

The nerdy and eccentric Ms. Beamish (Pia Trajun) hears about Flottwich's predicament from the hotel clerk.

Beamish's kind act ignites a romance between her and Flottwich.

The business trip is over; time to go back to the tour bus.

Marita rubs herself, telling Judith about a sexual experience she just had.

She was taking a bath...

...when the waiter (Gerhard Wolf) came in.

She asked him to soap her up.

"With those fingers I guess this isn't the first organ you've played", says Marita.

The waiter carried Marita to the bed.

And so it goes.

The ride home; Flottwich and Beamish are an item.  It's all good. THE END

Hopelessly dumb, but there's a lot going on here, packing in a ton of sexual adventures.  Margit Cizek's character and story was particularly fun and sexy.


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