Sep 12, 2021

Open Nightly (1980)


(Original title: Petites filles au bordel) A French adult film starring the great Julia Perrin as a young girl who is brought into the fold of a brothel by her parents.

Le Chat Rose is a brothel that's fallen on hard financial times.  Lulu (Sophie Duflot) co-owns it with her husband.  They play cards with Mr. Gardener the banker in the hopes of getting a loan.

Her husband Albert (Hubert Géral) intentionally loses so that the banker can win the game.

His prize is Lulu.

This part is actually hilarious.  Mr. Gardener, red faced as he screws Lulu, discusses the loan with Albert.

Their plan worked - and they get the loan.

Fifi (Marilyn Jess) is offered to Thibault du Découvert (Peter Voninge) and Le commissaire (Étienne Jaumillot).

While Fifi does her thing, Albert takes photographs which can be used as blackmail.  Another avenue to procure money for the brothel.

A final way to save the brothel - Albert and Lulu retrieve their daughter Julie (Julia Perrin). Julie has been living with foster parents (who, for some reason dress as priest and nun) for the past twelve years. 

Julie is brought to Le Chat Rose to work as a maid, and get training in the ways of prostitution. There's hope they can make money off their virginal daughter.

The brothel puts on a bizarre stage show.

A rabbit is pulled out of the girl's vagina.

Julie works as a maid with Rosette (Cathy Stewart).

She walks in on Rosette getting balled by a group of soldiers.

Julia watches and masturbates.  She goes to town so furiously, she falls out of her chair.

Rosette, Julia and her parents.

Nothing unhealthy and disturbing about this, right?

An aristocrat, Sylvaine de Montevideo (Christine Lodes), is brought to the brothel.

Albert shows his daughter how to pleasure a woman.

Julia is allowed to give blow jobs, but she must remain a virgin.

Another prostitute (? actress) joins Julia and Lulu, servicing a dude.

For whatever reason, Julia has been renamed "Dodo".  

Since Dodo has to remain a virgin, she sits on the sidelines playing with herself as Lulu and the prostitute finish the job.

Another bizarre stage show with Rosette dressed as a nun.

This dude (Guy Bonnafoux) is just creepy.

Dodo joins the show.

Rosette spanks Dodo.  The crowd loves it.

Happy parents, Lulu and Albert, with daughter Dod.  Damn this movie is sick.

It's finally time for Albert and Lulu's investment in Dodo to pay off.  She's dressed in a wedding gown; whoever wins the card game can deflower Dodo.

Poor Mr. Gardner loses.

The winner is the lieutenant (Claude Frank) who promptly deflowers Dodo.

A strange epilogue of sorts.  Dodo goes to another room to service this guy.

She tells him to come back anytime - they're open nightly (hence the US title). 

Filmed beautifully, with Julia Perrin looking super hot, and absolutely nonstop sleaze.  But was it necessary that Dodo be the daughter? Okay, fine  - we can get past that.  But then there's the nightmarish stage shows, the fucking weird epilogue, the fake nun/priest foster parents.  WTF is all that about? Okay, fine - maybe a creepy surrealism vibe in a porno isn't so bad; let's not criticize originality, right? Let's just say, if you're not in the mood for it, this all makes for an unsettling and unpleasant picture. 


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