Sep 21, 2021

Nude Nurses 2 (1994)


Nude Nurses (1993) was evidently popular enough to spawn a sequel. In fact, Bob Scott Productions (BSP) released a whole series of these modern day versions of the 1960s  "nudie cutie" featuring a variety of uniformed ladies (teachers, lawyers, nurses, etc.). There's not much to them, but a worth a glance in the history of sexploitation productions. 

Dr. Phillip Weiner is overwhelmed with his medical practice. The stress has taken its toll on his marriage.

His wife (Brittany Fox) tries to get a rise out of him.

Mrs. Weiner does a striptease.

But it's no use.  Phillip just can't get it up, and he rushes off to work.

His wife is left unsatisfied and alone.

Barely back at work, he finds a patient has died due to his experimental medicine: Hormonal Elixir 697. He gets a call (answering this time as Dr. Weinstein instead of Weiner) gets a call from his wife.

Mrs. Weiner gives him an ultimatum.  He better not be late, and he better put out when he gets home.

Phillip takes a chug of Hormonal Elixir 697.

He's transformed into a studly cool dude.  I'm instantly reminded of Jekyll & Hyde Together Again (1983).

A nurse (Lori Morrissey) enters and barely recognizes Dr. Weiner.

The experimental drug has made Weiner super-cool, and irresistible to women. 

The nurse can't control herself, and starts stripping.

The first nurse leaves, and a second nurse (Star Chandler AKA Ruby Richards) enters.

Again, Weiner's newfound animal magnetism is too much for the nurse to resist.

Then both nurses do a little awkward dance.

Back at home, Mrs. Weiner is more than satisfied with her husband's transformation.

It hardly makes sense to review this as this is hardly movie.  But then, it is in the lineage of the nudie cutie, and would fit right in with the Shameful Shorts covered on VZ1. Is Bob Scott the the 80s-90s version of Barry Mahon? That'd be a little too generous to Scott, but you get the point.  


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