Sep 24, 2021

Mädchen die am Wege liegen (1976)


A socially awkward virgin goes on a road trip with his promiscuous friend. Along the way the cross paths with sexy hitchhikers, rich lesbians and a violent sadist. 

It begins at a decadent club where Topsy (Corinne Lemoine) is getting licked by the club patrons.

Jeff (Dieter Meier) is also at the club, but he just feels awkward and out of place.

Jeff takes a road trip through the Alps with Tom (Christof Wackernagel)  

I can't figure out what kind of car their driving, but it's... interesting.

They pick up a hitchhiker named Fifi (Esther Studer

She hops in the back and they're off.

Tom molests her the entire drive.

Lesbian lovers Sally (Monica Marc) and Lisa (Karin Hofmann)

Back at their place, Lisa goes to town on Sally.

Fifi has fallen asleep and the road trip boys come across another woman...

Celine (Evelyne Dress), who has just left her man in a fight.

Poor Fifi is exchanged for Celine.

Celine and the gang crash at a motel.

Jeff accidentally walks in on Celine undressed.

They have sex.  Jeff has finally gotten his wish.

Back to Sally and Lisa...

Lisa has sex with a bodybuilder named Theo (Paul Nussbaumer

Sally watches and masturbates

Poor Fifi, walking through the night, finally arrives at the motel.

She digs around in their insane looking car with her ass hanging out.

A stranger walks up and literally fucks her from behind.

Bluebeard (Will Stoer) then takes Fifi to his torture dungeon!

When Bluebeard comes in looking like this, Fifi just laughs. But it's soon not funny at all.

Bluebeard makes Fifi undress.

She's chained up and raped!

And this is literally where we leave Fifi! I expected Jeff or Tom to save her.  But no, this is it - I guess she dies?

Lisa, who spends most of this film masturbating, has phone sex with Sally.

While Lisa is on the phone, Topsy (Corinne Lemoine) strolls around the room putting on an erotic show.  You'll remember Topsy from the start of the film.

Ah, Topsy.  Godluvya.

Weirdly, Tom and Jeff stop in at a mudwrestling competition. Esther Moser in orange versus Lorli black.

Of course, the clothes are soon ripped off and the crowd goes wild.

Lisa's msturbating again.

She's looking at Theo.

Lisa returns to her decadent club.

She hooks up with another girl and takes her home.

Lisa gets a call from Celine while in bed with her new flavor of the week and brushes her off.

Welp.  What's Celine to do now?

Celine bids adieu to Tom and Jeff.  And so it ends... Fifi RIP.

As you can tell, this movie is all over the fuckin' place.  I suspect it's been cut, edited, restored, re-edited and so on, until god knows what parts are missing. I like to think that, somewhere out there, there is exists a version where Fifi is saved.


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