Sep 19, 2021

Lolida 2000 (1998)


Jacqueline Lovell hosts an anthology trio of sci-fi erotica stories. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the Nabokov novel, not even tangentially. 

Lolita (Jacqueline Lovell), amid her futuristic set, hosts three tales of science fiction erotica.  You'll note the inconsistency in the spelling (Lolita or Lolida... which is it?)

Lolita holds a CD-ROM and explains the background to her story...

Her job was to erase compact discs that contained sexual material 

Watching one of them got her aroused, and her mission in life is to preserve and share these dirty discs.

The first story from one of the forbidden CD's features an aspiring artist, Sherri (Gabriella Hall).

The art instructor announces, "You're going to be very happy to know today that we're going to be leaving behind the vases of flowers and bowls of fruit and we're going to be moving on to the human form."

A nude model (Kelly Ashton) takes her seat.

Suddenly Sherri is shaken by weird visions.

She sees the nude model being electrocuted.

Sherri runs out of class.

The art teacher tries to stop her, but it's no use.  Indeed, Sherri is so fucked up, she lands in a mental hospital.

A psychiatrist tries to jog her memory of past trauma.

It all started when she was painting one day...

She was drawn to a bright light.

Next thing she remembers, she's on a slab aboard a spaceship.

An alien hand molests her; then out comes the anal probe.

Sherri is thrown into an empty room aboard the spacecraft.

Sherri is joined by another abductee, Sasha (Darko Malesh).

They have sex.

Sasha is taken away.

She's back on the slab.

Sherri tells the shrink she secretly yearns to be back on the ship with Sasha.

Lolita introduces the next story.

Casey (Heather James) has been captured by Juno (Lisa Comshaw) and held hostage on the Subterranean Penal Colony on the Planet Kelvar.

But Casey is too cocky and tough to submit to Juno's abuse.

Casey is thrown in a jail cell.

Her cellmate is Maya (Nikki Nova).

They have sex.

Juno has Casey chained up.

Casey puts Juno in the straps.

It's a trap.  Casey is able to escape.

Lolita introduces the final tale.

Shemp (Everett Rodd) and Kealy (Sky Nicholas) work at a diner in the middle of nowhere.

A trucker named Jake (David Squires) stops by the diner and Kealy wants some action.

When Jake emerges from the bathroom, something's different. Kealy has changed...

He's been transported back to the 1950s. However, Lefty (John C. Babcock) is still there and unchanged. Lefty tells Jakes he's in a time loop.

In a booth, Jolene (Taylor St. Clair) makes love to a greaser. 

Jolene pushes Jake back into the bathroom.

This time, the diner is in the post-apocalyptic future.

There's a cat fight going on where steampunk Kealy and Jolene do battle.

As Kealy fights bottomless, we catch some rather explicit views of Sky Nicholas.

Lefty is here again; he explains that he Jake can find the correct year if he keeps trying.

But this time, he's way off. The diner is now a prehistoric cave.  Cavegirls Jolene and Kealy are also here.

Cavegirl Jolene and Jake have sex.

Cavegirl Kealy joins in.

Lolita bids us farewell.

Jacqueline Lovell provides some of the most explicit nudity I've ever seen her do; quite the nice send-off.

This could have been so shitty.  The anthology stories could have been just pieced together from other newage erotica films and had no sci-fi element. We've certainly seen tricks like this a million times.  But these sci-fi tales are original and pretty damn titillating. Take away the sex and there's not a whole lot left; it's a bit too empty to warrant re-watching or cult status. Still, a respectable piece of sci-fi erotica.


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