Sep 21, 2021

Lilian (la virgen pervertida) (1984)


Jesús Franco cheap-o flick (even by Franco standards) about a young girl who gets lured into being a rich guy's sex slave.  

Lilian (Katja Bienert) sees something disturbing and runs onto the beach and passes out. 

She's found by Mario Pereira (Antonio Mayans) who enlists the help of Bernardo (Jesús Franco) to carry her in the house.

You'll remember Katja Bienert as the jungle girl from Franco's Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (1983). There's some rumors that she was underage, but she was born 1966 so 18... although that makes me worry a bit about that Kilimandjaro movie.

Lilian awakens enough to tell Mario her story.

It all started when she met Irina (Lina Romay) at a club.

We get an idea that Irina and her friends are a bit "off" - as we look on this crazy-eyed girl.  I don't know this actresses name (and we'll see her naked later in this film), but she's very familiar.  Maybe played the "crazy girl" in a Franco WIP movie?

Lilian is brought the home of rich guy Jorge Miranda (Emilio Linder).

This film is poorly made even for Franco.  Usually he's careful to at least have halfway decent lighting.  This seems thrown together in a hurry.

Lilian is drugged.

Lilian passes out and Irina places her on the bed.

Her bikini bottoms are ripped off...

Mirando enters the room and prepares to rape the unconscious girl.

Irina joins in.

Back at the club with Irina, Miranda and crazy-eyes.

One of Miranda's women (Rosa María Martín) gives him lip, and he bitch-slaps her across the room.

Irina and various women in dominatrix garb string up José (José Llamas) and molest him.  

Okay, so Irina writhes on the zebra print, giving us an anatomy lesson.  Lina Romay also provides some hardcore material for this scene.  In fact, this film is considered to be the first legal hardcore film in Spain.  Not sure the legitimacy of that claim, but there it is.

At the club, crazy-eyes watches Lilian get more and more stoned.

Olga tries to get her to snap out of it.

Irina won't tolerate lifeless stoners at her club.

She has crazy-eyes whip her. And this takes us up to where Lilian ran into onto the beach and was discovered by Mario.

Using clues given by Lilian's mumbling, he goes to the club.

There he meets the whore who was bitch slapped earlier (Rosa María Martín)

The go back to a room...

But Mario doesn't want sex - he wants to know who did this to Lilian.  The whore tells him it was Miranda.

So, Mario goes to Miranda's place and pops a cap in him.

In case you couldn't tell, this was pretty damn terrible.  To make things worse, there is a lot of hardcore footage which is supposed to be Katja Bienert, but is clearly just a body double's vagina.  No thanks. Franco usually can make a cheap film look good with an artistic flair, good music, and skill acquired from decades of directing.  But he doesn't seem to give a flying fuck with this one.  


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