Sep 16, 2021

La Zorrita en Bikini (1976)


A Spanish comedy starring the great Esperanza Roy as the "little fox in a bikini" who lures a perpetually horny guy into jewel heist.

In prison, Alfonso Terralba (José Sazatornil) spends his days watching the women from his window.

Released from prison, Alfonso is like drooling maniac.  It's been so long, he basically sexually assaults every woman he sees.

He pictures this lady topless and she slaps him.

Alfonso bumps into flamboyantly gay Ricardito (Paco Morán), and that's where his troubles really start.

Ricardito works with fellow criminal miscreants Bárbara (Celia Marcia), who dresses like it's the roaring twenties, and morbidly obese Lidia (Amparo Moreno).

Also in their little group is Marina (Esperanza Roy).

Marina is easily able to seduce Alfonso who has a perpetual hard-on anyway.

They're interrupted by José (Mir Ferry)...

Marina continues to pursue Alfonsa; smothering him with attention on the street.

Alfonso falls for Marina, not realizing he's fallen in a trap.

Marina tells of her childhood.

As a baby, biting her father's (Juan Torres) finger. It's great that they used Roy for even the childhood flashbacks. 

Marina's mother (also played by Roy) was ogled by every guy in the village. 

Watching from a window above, this drooling dipshit falls nearly to his death.

But can you blame him? This is the view that knocked him off his perch.

Marina's mother visits the injured man and he essentially rapes her.

And so, Alfonso tells his story.  How he came to be in prison.

He fools around with this woman in his office.

They take it to her bedroom.

Mr. Hooger (Miquel Cors) rich guy industrialist, visits Alfonso...

He is presented with photographic evidence that he screwed his wife!

Yes, that woman was Mr. Hooger's spouse.

A fast paced brawl breaks out.  Alfonso's poor secretary (Eva Lyberten) is sucked into the skirmish. 

The woman's dress is ripped off in the ruckus. 

Even his secretary's blouse is torn off in the fracas. A young Eva Lyberten making one of her first appearances on film.

Alfonso wins the battle with Mr. Hooger, but of course he's not getting out of this unscathed.  Hooger is able to get his ass thrown in prison.

Back to present day, and the motley criminal group have a look at the jewels stored behind bars under the care of the diminutive Marqués (Luis Oar).

Marina and Alfonso have sex in the hay.

This being a comedy with a Vaudevillian bent, there are chickens constantly getting in their way.

Marina feels bad getting Alfonso caught up in this, and entrapping him with Bárbara.

Alfonso and Marina come to blows on the beach, with Alfonso knocking her lights out.

Instantly feeling bad, Alfonso awkwardly carries Marina back.

The heist of Marqués' jewels is about to be underway.

I loved El Papus, and have a few copies.  Never as sleazy as the covers promised.

A decent amount of boobs courtesy Esperanza Roy in this film.

Okay, I don't have the will power or energy to explain the heist buffoonery. 

Let's just say there is a comedic finale involving a duck puppet, and leave it there.

Esperanza Roy provides a substantial amount of eye candy, but otherwise, I didn't care for a single aspect of it.  I'm sure the humor has lost something over the decades; it just wasn't funny.  The stooge unwittingly involved in a heist schtick has been done too many times. To be honest, I quite liked the long flashback sequences from both Marina and Alfonso - those were the best parts of the film.  


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