Sep 19, 2021

Intimo profondo (1989)


An Italian film about a couple who cheat on each other when their marriage grows stale.

Massimiliano Valeri catches sight of a woman in a shoe store.

Carla (Alma Lo Moro) is trying on shoes and Valeri has a thing for legs in nylons.

Valeri pursues Carla.

He buys lingerie to spark things at home with his wife.

The saleswoman, Barbarella (Virna Bonino), seeing Valeri finds the outfit attractive, wears it for him.

Valeri is stunned, but declines the offer and leaves.

Valeri presents his wife, Irene (Tamara Rampazzi), with the lingerie. 

She seems unimpressed.

Irene reluctantly tries it on.

It's awkward.

Valeri is aroused, but Irene seems to be just going through the motions.

The mess around, but the thrill is gone.

Irene is an herbalist.  She sparks a relationship with a customer.

Barbarella's customer is more willing than Valeri, and lusts after her.

She tries on lingerie for him.

Valeri goes to a fashion show.

Carla is one of the runway models.

Random nudity from Carla.

The customer receives a note and photo from Barbarella which reads: "Come back when you see it in the display window".

They have kinky sex in a hay loft.

Irene arranges to meet with the herbalist customer.

They get right to it.

Valeri is having some adultery of his own with Carla.

To get back at Valeri for his rejection, Barbarella enlists the help of two friends.

Carla is bound and gagged by Barbarella's associates.

Carla is placed behind a gauze curtain where she can see what's going on on the other side.

An American girl named Kandy is waiting on the other side of the gauze curtain.

Valeri is drugged and has sex with Kandy.

Irene's relationship with the herbalist customer comes to an end.

She weeps in her cool egg chair.

Then rides off (naked) on a horse.

Carla is distraught over seeing Valeri have sex with Kandy.  She receives some unexpected guests: Valerie, Kandy and some dude.

It's all explained to be the dirty deception of Barbarella.

Kandy is just a clueless American and Valeri was drugged.

Carla forgives him.

Out walking with her friend, Irene spots Valeri with Carla.

She confronts Valeri and breaks things.

Irene packs her bags. THE END

I've seen stag films with more story than this.  The women are beautiful, and I did like the fashions on display. But, god almighty, was this dull. There's a fair amount of nudity and sex, but it's all so tame - as bland as the story itself.


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