Sep 28, 2021

Illusions of Sin (1997)


Elizabeth is a much abused understudy who has the added annoyance of being stalked by a madman.

Elizabeth (Mellara Gold) arrives home from her job as understudy for a play.

Her boyfriend Randy (Daryl Hemmerich) is busily shagging Stacy (Gabriella Hall) inside.

Elizabeth enters...

Elizabeth: "Stacy! How could you?"
Stacy: "Don't ask me. He's your boyfriend."

Take a good look.  Gabriella Hall provides the only full frontal in the whole movie, and it's brief.

Back at work, the young stagehand Eric (Johnny Keatth) has a crush on Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is an understudy for Megan (Landon Hall), a total diva bitch.

Megan: "Nice of you to join us, Elizabeth."
Elizabeth: "There was traffic."
Megan: "You know what? Save it for somebody who cares."

Jenny (Elina Madison) is the costume designer who's actually nice to Elizabeth.

Megan doesn't think Elizabeth should be allowed to wear the same dress as her, even though that's kind of what an understudy is supposed to do.

Still in only her panties, Megan storms into the director's office.

Jason (John McCafferty), the director, calms her down.

They have sex on his desk.

Megan has a thing going with Noah (Robert McCain) the leading man; he's concerned she's cheating with Jason.

Megan leaves, and Noah hits on Elizabeth (who has been admiring him from afar).

They have sex (no nudity unfortunately).

Noah tells Elizabeth that it was just a meaningless screw.  Sorry.

Elizabeth keeps getting roses and notes from a secret admirer. 

Elizabeth works as a receptionist at an agent's office.  An actress, Amanda (Jennifer Burton), waltzes in like she owns the place.

She initiates sex with Calvin (Ryan Tower) the agent

Elizabeth hears them on the other side of the door.

The secret admirer has a shrine devoted to Elizabeth.  Who could it be? 
  • Megan, threatened by her understudy
  • Randy, her ex boyfriend
  • Eric, the stagehand with a crush
  • Jenny, the costume designer who seems too nice
  • Calvin, creepy even by agent standards
  • Noah, a jealous leading man 
Backstage, Jenny dresses some random naked girl.

Eric thinks he's making headway with Elizabeth

But he's completely friendzoned.

Megan has had a series of unfortunate events which have caused her to be late to rehearsal.  She suspects that Elizabeth is sabotaging her to get the part.

Jason and Jenny are actually a couple.

They go back home and have sex.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is being stalked.

She frantically calls Jenny, but she doesn't answer (she's having sex with Jason).

Jenny hangs balloons for an opening night party.

Megan and Noah arrive.

Eric operates the punch bowl.

Eric eyes his cutie; but Elizabeth still just considers him a friend.

Megan and Noah go to the theater to have sex on the stage.

A pillar falls.  Megan thinks it's Elizabeth trying to kill her.

Someone is putting drugs in a drink.

Elizabeth has a drink then blacks out by her car.

She's carried unconscious to a dark room.

Her clothes are stripped off and she's laid on a table with candles.

 Okay, I've just gotta mention the elephant in the room here.  It's been over an hour, and Mellara Gold, the lead actress, hasn't provided any real nudity.  Now that the film is almost over, the actress is okay with laying topless and being manhandled and groped.  What took you so long?

While Elizabeth is being groped, Jenny and Jason have sex after the party is over.

Back to Elizabeth. It's now the morning...

She wakes up with a rose on her chest.

Her rapist is gone, and so she just puts her clothes back on and leaves.

She finds a rose in Calvin's office, and so suspects the agent is her secret admirer.

But Calvin isn't the secret admirer - it's Eric, who's holding Megan at gunpoint.

He forces her to take her clothes off and put on the costume.

He ties her up.

Elizabeth arrives and somehow manages to coax the gun away from Eric.

She shoots.  You assume she's shot Megan, but it's really Eric (but just in the leg). THE END

It probably sounds worse than it is.  It's fairly entertaining, but hampered by a few things (aside from the cliched plot).  Still a bit confused how an erotic thriller like this has Mellara Gold as the star - and then doesn't have her shed any clothing for an hour.  Seems like a rookie mistake. Another problem is that it's unbelievably tame.  There's boobs, but that's really it.  The sex scenes are not even PG-13, and the tame T&A is quite sparse.  Yet despite all these strikes against it, it remains a fun watch.


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