Sep 4, 2021

I'll Do Anything (1980)


(Original Title: Maîtresse pour couple) An adult film about a guy who hires a killer to take out his wife - but it winds up backfiring. Starring two of the biggest French hotties of the day: Julia Perrin and Brigitte Lahaie.

Georges (Guy Bérardant) and Claire (Julia Perrin)

After sex, Georges leaves to go home to his wife.

Claire is such a fox, Georges wishes he could stay with her.  But his wife has all the money.  If only there was a way for them to be together and keep the money.  I wonder.

Brigitte (Brigitte Lahaie) waits for Georges at home.

When Georges comes home, Brigitte is ready to please him...

She waits on him hand-and-foot.

After sex, they eat fried chicken.

Brigitte literally sticks a gnawed chicken bone up her vagina.

George gives her a spank.

We meet three ne'er do wells - Marianne (Christine Lodes),  Edmond Larchaud (Dominique Aveline) and Max (Joël Charvier).

Edmond and Max forcefully double-team poor Marianne.

Georges leaves the bedroom and goes straight to plotting her murder...

Georges pays Edmond to wait in Brigitte's bedroom and murder her.

Brigitte watches TV then retires to her room.

She masturbates - and Edmond can't bring himself to murder her.

Instead of killing Brigitte, Edmond screws her.

Brigitte works out how to get even with Georges.  She pays Edmond even more money to turn the tables on her scheming husband.

Claire is invited over.

It's a trap! Brigitte and Marianne are waiting for her.

Brigitte gets naked and points her bush at Claire...

Claire is then gang raped.

Then they dress Claire in a dominatrix costume.

The whole thing is filmed. (Photo from a magazine article)

Marianne delivers the film to Georges

It shows his beloved Claire getting it on with a bunch of masked perverts.

Marianne starts rubbing herself.

Georges finishes the job.

He pulls a gun on Marianne, but what use it?

Surprisingly (or, I guess not surprisingly considering how often this happened in film back then), Claire begins to like it.

Claire and Brigitte become bff's.

Edmond prepares them for the next round of kink...

Another dude José (Gil Lagardère) is brought into the mix.  Brigitte is blindfolded, twirled around, and they all have sex.

Claire is used to help entrap Georges

He's forced to watch Claire have sex with Marianne and Brigitte.  Oh, the inhumanity!

Hey, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if all three of us just had sex together.  No more fooling around in secret, and no more murder for hires.

Brigitte sees Max and Edmond out, and returns to the room.

Claire is on the bed, ready.

And so they live happily ever after. THE END

Like, Secrets d'adolescentes it features Julia Perrin and Brigitte Lahaie, so is destined for greatness.  But this falls into the trap that Secrets did not - which is overdoing the sex. What I mean is, you can still have tons of great sex scenes while also creating a wonderful movie with a story. This film had a decent idea, but gets bogged down with repetitious fucking.  


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