Sep 21, 2021

House on Hooter Hill (2007)


A group of big breasted women gather for the reading of a murdered woman's will.  One of them is her killer - but who?

Tiffany (Taylor Wayne) gets in the hot tub.

She's joined by her lover Samantha (Friday).

Samantha leaves and Tiffany is strangled to death.

Sue (Glori-Anne Gilbert) was Tiffany's stepsister.  She and her husband Ryan (Kris Slater) come to her home for the reading of her will.

They take s break along the way.

At Tiffany's home they're greeted by sleazy attorney Travis Wickwire (Danny Pape)

Travis' assistant is Candy (Dani Woodward).

Candy has Tiffany's VHS, a recording of her last will and testament. 

Travis and Candy go to town on the jury room table.

A group of women with a variety of connections to Tiffany gather in the living room to watch Tiffany's tape in the VCR.

On the video, the deceased woman explains that whoever can solve a riddle will inherit her fortune.  She also says, "I know one of you is my killer."

Sue gets ready for a bath.

She's surprised when two of the ladies enters...

Julie (Sindy Lange) and Nikki (Barbie Bennett)

This movie is stupid, but it's hard to be mad when you've got scenes like this.

While his wife is preoccupied with a threesome, Ryan is tempted by Karla (Jules De Wilde).

In the middle of the night, Ryan has a visitor...

It's Samantha.  She says that she's psychic and can communicate with Tiffany.

Then it's time to have sex. 

Everyone is assembled to use Tiffany's clue from the grave to find the treasure.

Samantha, Julie, Karla and Nikki

Searching in the woods, Nikki and Ryan hook up.

Minus Julie, Ryan has banged every single one of these ladies.

Sue gets upset when she finds out from Travis that Ryan has even banged Tiffany!

Samantha meditates to psychically communicate with her ex.

Karla and Nikki begin to wonder who murdered Tiffany. Each has theories.

Samantha and Sue are overcome with Tiffany's spirit.   

Well that was fun being possessed.

Okay, now Ryan bangs Julie.  So we can finally have closure - he's banged them all.

They hold a seance to communicate with Tiffany.

Sue hears a strange noise coming from the cabinet.

They trace down the noise and it leads them to a priceless diamond.

They're going to be rich!

But wait...

Not so fast, bitches.

Sue has been working with Travis and they want the inheritance all for themselves.

Shots ring out. Both Travis and Sue are shot dead.

It's Samantha, come to save the day. THE END

Ninety-five percent just poorly choreographed simulated sex, but it has its moments. Ryan banging one chick after another gets a bit stale, and the story should have been beefed up - even just a little more attention to the non-sex elements would have gone a long way.  Still, it's hard to complain about a film with a topless seance. 


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