Sep 21, 2021

Heidi's House: Upstairs (1996)


On VZ1, we've covered theatrical releases, late-night cable movies, straight to VHS,.. but this is a first - a CD-ROM movie.  It's tiny blip in sexploitation, but worth a look nonetheless.

Using the name Heidi was obviously a callout to Heidi Fleiss.

The CD-ROM has been loaded into the PC...

We're greeted by Julie Strain as Heidi who tells us how it works.

At specific points, we are given a selection of three options, with each choice yielding different footage.

There are a few sad attempts at humor such as this fake beer ad.

Our first selection: Kristen Knittle in a bathtub

She's joined by Catherine Weber

Okay - next selection...

Kristen Knittle again, and this time delivering easily the hottest segment on the CD.

No nudity in this segment, but it's still smoking hot.

Heidi directs us to the next set of choices...

We select Cory Lane (AKA Teresa Langly) in the shower.

So, what do you want Kristen Knittle to cook for you?

What do you want Catherine Weber to hand you?

She hands you your selected item and takes a shower.

Do you choose jacuzzi, sun deck or cabana?

Cory Lane and Kimberly Eger undress in the cabana.

Michelle Smith ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas 

Michelle Smith undresses in the cabana.

A nice view of Julie Strai

Cory Lane and Robin Vasca (sp) try on various outfits

Cory Lane relaxes in the jacuzzi

You might wonder who this Ai Wan girl is, who doesn't get naked.  She's actually the most interesting girl in the video. Not only was she Miss China, but an acclaimed director, actress, dance club designer, on it goes. Quite a biography.

Admittedly, it's not really a movie.  But, as stated, still an interesting tangent in the history of sexploitation - that short blip between VHS and that thing they call the world wide web.  I'll rate it just on its value as a curiosity... and Kristen Knittle's talent for posing on a chair.


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