Sep 25, 2021

Girls Will Be Girls (1980)


(Original Title: La settimana bianca) An Italian comedy about a Roman business which sends its employees to a San Sicario ski resort.  All the horny businessmen fawn over the hot employee, Anna Maria Rizzoli and get in trouble philandering with the nympho maid Carmen Russo.

White Weekend

A Roman business sends it's lucky staff to a ski resort in San Sicario

Among the employees are Pasquarelli (Giacomo Furia) and Enzo (Enzo Cannavale

All the men act like drooling idiots throughout the film. Giulio Cesare (Bombolo) included.

Who's the object of their attention - Angela Marconcini (Anna Maria Rizzoli).

Fabio (Paolo Giusti) the ski instructor is already making his moves.

The worst part of this film is Jimmy il Fenomeno playing a cross-eyed spinster.  It is absolutely cringey.

Also on the trip is Matilde (Franca Mantelli)

For me, the real star of this movie is Graziella Polesinanti as Mrs. Ercolani, Enzo's wife.  Enzo is constantly ogling other women and acting the fool, and she says it all with a side-eye or some subtle expression of exasperation. 

Everyone looks on in shock as Piergallini (Gianfranco D'Angelo) enters the room frozen solid.  D'Angelo provides most of the silly physical comedy - all of it awful.

The hotel maid (Carmen Russo) enters Pasquarelli's room.

Pasquarelli is completely blind without his glasses so he can hardly be blamed for his behavior.

Fabio provides ski instruction for Angela.  

They meet up with Bartocci (Renzo Ozzano) who has a swank cabin at the resort.

The maid takes her turn with Enzo.

Mrs. Ercolani is in the bathroom, so Enzo has to hurry her out of the room.

Enzo pours Angela some whiskey and Mrs. Ercolani gives him a knowing glance.

Matilda, Mrs. Ercolani, and the cringey spinster seem to have been left high and dry by the men.  Where could they be?

Hiding in a locker in the tanning room.

Angela gets undressed.

Angela notices the men are hiding in the lockers.

Hilariously, she aims the lights at the locker vents, basically frying their eyes.

The maid returns for another round with poor Pasquarelli

Angela is down at the pool.

Piergallini constantly flirts to no avail. 

The movie's iconic scene: blind Pasquarelli accidentally unties Angela's bikini bottom.

Realizing what's just happened, Angela jumps in the pool.

Enzo and Giulio (Vincenzo Crocitti) get the view of a lifetime.

The men continue to try and get Angela through various forms of retarded trickery. 

But in the end, you knew it would be Fabio who gets the girl.

Angela is injured on the slopes.

Fabio takes her to Bartocci's chalet where they prepare to have sex.

Bartocci returns and finds Fabio has set up champagne and romantic ambiance.  He assumes it's for him.

Angela laughs - because being gay is hysterical I guess. 

Enzo and Matilda are alone.

Matilda gets the wrong idea, but before this turns into something bad...

Piergallini literally smashes through their window on his skis. 

Mrs. Ercolani tries to get a rise out of Enzo.

But it's no use.  He's not interested.

Enzo leaves and goes to the room where the maid is getting with Pasquarelli 

Mrs. Ercolani happens to discover him there. Enzo dodges trouble by pretending to be sick.

While Mrs. Ercolani runs to get medical supplies, the maid returns.

Enzo hurriedly stuffs the maid into a wardrobe.

It seems like everyone shows up. Piergallini kisses Mrs. Ercolani in order to distract her from the open door of the wardrobe.

Enzo's deception is finally revealed.

The final scene is pretty funny with that Bavarian dance where you slap each other.  Before European Vacation, this film made comedy gold out of that folk dance. And of course Mrs. Ercolani is able to release her frustrations by slapping the living shit out of Enzo.  THE END

I had thought the Italian sex comedy had kinda lost its mojo after the seventies golden age with Fenech and Guida, but this wasn't too shabby.  Genuinely funny at times, and with a respectable amount of T&A.  A good time.


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