Sep 6, 2021

Genie in a String Bikini (2004)


(AKA The Erotic Dreams of Jeannie) A Fred Olen Ray jam featuring Nicole Sheridan as the Barbara Eden styled genie.

Genie (Nicole Sheridan), a bimbo genie, and Akbar (Evan Stone), a bimbo djinn. 

Rama (John Small), the Harem Keeper, gives them their next assignments.

Before they depart, Genie and Akbar take time out for one last quickie.

I love this.

But they're discovered by Rama.

Rama punishes them by having Akbar stuck in a chest, and Genie in a bottle.

And so they are confined for two thousand years.

2000 years later in Moronico, Tony Wilson (Voodoo) discovers the chest and bottle.

Tony returns from his mission and attends a party with his fiancee Suzanne (Danielle Petty).

Doctor R.J. Reynolds (Jay Richardson) is Suzanne's father.

They go upstairs and Suzanne immediately gets undressed. Quite a scene...

They have sex.

Later, Tony examines his bottle from Moronico.

Genie, inside the bottle, finds she's finally getting released.

Genie introduces herself to her master, Tony.

We find that Suzanne isn't the nice fiancee Tony thinks she is.  She's actually using Tony to get his inheritance, which she'll share with her lesbian lover Chelsea (Beverly Lynne).

The girls celebrate.

Suzanne finds the chest and bottle in Tony's room.

She drives out to the middle of nowhere and chunks the bottle.

They find that the chest contains Akbar - they're own personal genie... er, djinn. 

The girls get right to it.

Tony makes the mistake of telling Dr. Reynolds about his genie.  Reynolds is in league with his daughter to get a hold of his fortune.

Genie is lost and desperate to find Tony.

Genie asks a motorist, "Can you take me to my master?" The driver, a dominatrix (Dolorian), can certainly oblige that request.

Akbar pops out of nowhere to rescue Genie.  To which she responds, "Rescue me?.... oh.. and not a moment too soon."  I found this funny.

The genies go 'poof' leaving the dominatrix still chained. 

Akbar and Genie confront Suzanne and Chelsea.

Suzanne is stuck inside something that looks like a snow globe.

Genie then confronts Dr. Reynolds.

Genie takes Tony inside the bottle where they have sex.

After the credits roll, we get this rather funny punchline showing the dominatrix still chained up.

About as vapid as you'd expect, but I don't think it's trying to be a Merchant-Ivory production.  Fred Olen Ray doesn't quite have the mojo as he did in the late-eighties and nineties, but still, this ain't bad.


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