Sep 3, 2021

Four Women and a Mess (1985)


(Original Title: Cuatro mujeres y un lío) Another Fernando Esteso - Antonio Ozores sex comedy with the always awesome (and always naked) Adriana Vega.  It's your standard "Three's Company" plot of comedic misunderstandings that become cumulative until spinning out of control and the truth is revealed.  


Federico (Fernando Esteso) is a fashion photographer

Bárbara (Marta Valverde) the model

Bárbara models a new lingerie item that Federico designed - and it's going to make him rich, if he can get someone to finance manufacturing.

Uh-oh.  Compromising photos of Federico and Bárbara have been sent to his wife Alicia, who subsequently leaves him.

Uncle Ramón will be coming soon to finance his business, but how will it look with Alicia gone?  He has to act quickly and enlists his butt-ugly maid Lola (Fedra Lorente) to pretend to be his wife.

It's going to take some work making Lola presentable.

And look at Lola now.  She's still an imbecile, but vastly improved in appearance.

The arrival of Tío - Uncle Ramón (Antonio Ozores), and the perpetually nervous manager of Federico's business, Alarico (Arévalo).
Also arriving with Ramón - his "wife" Manuela (Adriana Vega).  The quotes are there for a reason.

Manuela is aggressively flirtations with Federico.

Federico gives them a tour of the textile factory and Manuela cant' keep her paws off him.

They're introduced to the brand's model, Bárbara.

Out to the discoteque. 

Alarico and Lola

Bedroom quarters gets tricky, with Federico having to share a room with his fake wife.  So, he goes outside...

Where Manuela kicks up the flirtation game even further..


Manuela skinny dips, and we gets some incredibly graphic views of Adriana Vega from behind as she swims underwater.

Matters are further complicated by the arrival of Alicia (Loreta Tovar), Federico's real wife who has forgiven his indiscretions.

But Alicia will have to pretend she's a maid to keep the ruse up with Tío.

So, other than Bárbara, all the women are not who they are pretending to be.

Further comedy escalation provided by Juanito Navarro as the bishop.

Alarico makes the movies on Bárbara

Federico is having a hard time resisting Lola's boobs.

The only nudity from Fedra Lorente as Lola's boobs pop out of her nightgown.

Loreta Tovar wears a see-through nightie the rest of the movie.

Federico catches Alicia in this nightie - ready to get down with Uncle Ramón!

As with all movies like this - the misunderstandings escalate into chaos, and then things are set right again.  Order is restored to the universe.

It's all good between Alicia and Lola.

A final gasp as the crowd realizes the guy in bed is the bishop!

The final punchline comes as the real Manuela (Elisenda Ribas) catches her husband misbehaving. THE END

I have a phobia that one day I'll run out of new Spanish sex comedies to watch.  Sure, it's sort-of the same old bit, but so was The Beverly Hillbillies and Three's Company, and I could watch them for the rest of my life (and most assuredly will).  Who needs originality when you've got talented actors, naked women and contagious silliness?


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  1. Adriana Vega in the pool = worth the price of admission. Flick ain't bad, either.