Sep 24, 2021

Feuchte Träume junger Frauen (1973)


A conman goes from woman to woman, having sex with them, swindling away their savings accounts, then leaving them high and dry.  A bumbling private detective is hired to track this Casanova conman to justice.

The movie starts out strong with Birgit Zamulo brushing her hair and then...

...getting aroused thinking about Paul.

She collapses on the floor

Pours water on her burning loins

Then is snapped out of it by the doorbell

It's the private investigator she's hired.

She shows him a picture of Paul, the man that took all her money then left her at the altar.

Paul (Dietz Werner Steck) is long gone, scoping out his next conquest

A tennis player named Greta catches his eye

The P.I. is not far off, hiding behind a newspaper

Paul takes off with Greta

She likes to rub her crotch on the stick shift.  It's kind of her thing as we'll see later.

Greta is stark naked at her place

They have sex

Out by her indoor pool

Greta rubs herself on the ladder just as she did the stick shift.

Paul takes off with Greta's money and leaves her at the altar.

As will happen again and again, the P.I. arrives just minutes too late to nab Paul.

Paul takes a train to the town of his next conquest.

Paul poses as a door to door salesman

As with Greta, the sight of a woman bending over is sure to get a rise out of Paul.

They have sex and he leaves her a douchey note before skipping out.

The P.I. is still hot on his trail.

Paul bumps into a woman on the street (quite intentionally).

Back to her place.

The girl is barely dressed before Paul is out the door.

The P.I. rushes in, but is just minutes too late.

Paul hooks up with yet another woman, Ruth.

They have sex in a field.

Afterwards, they see Ruth's friend Inga fall off a horse (which looks real, and painful).

They help Inga up and then head to the pub.

Ruth, Paul and Inga, havin' a grand ole time.

Back to Ruth's place to frolic in the dirty tub which must be literally infested with STDs.

Inga has the distinction of being the one woman in this film who keeps her bottoms on.

Paul returns home and is finally face to face with his pursuer the P.I.

He is surprised to find all the women he's swindled and jilted waiting for him.

Paul is arrested.  However, the epilogue has Paul seducing the prison guard, so he's still very much in business.

Meh.  It had plenty of nudity, but overall pretty lame.  One item of interest is that there is probably five sentences of dialog in this entire film.  Indeed, I've spent more words typing the story than are in the actual film - by a mile.  This was either an artistic decision or a practical one (for distribution to non German speaking markets without need of much dubbing). 


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