Sep 12, 2021

Fatal Soundtrack (1995)


An erotic thriller about a composer working on a soundtrack for a film which seems to be imitating his life.  This is a problem because the film is about a murderess. 

Della (Michele Brin) is getting pounded in the shower. (We're off to a good start.)

We find that this is just a movie.  Eric Lazlo (Mark S. Porro) is composing a score for the film called "Scorpio Descending".

Jill (Wendy Hamilton) work for him and is more-than-slightly psycho.

Overly possessive and jealous.

Eric and the film's star, Della, get a massage.

Super hot Tammy Parks plays the masseuse. 

She has sex with the other masseuse (Brad Armstrong).

They take their lovemaking to the sauna and find themselves locked in.

Eric rescues them.  He's troubled because this was straight out of Scorpio Descending.  He suspects the trap was meant for him.  But who would want him killed?

Maybe this guy with the ridiculous name Stoney Oriole (Doug Jeffery). Eric calls him a "no talent piece of crap" as he plagiarized one of his songs. Stoney carries a grudge toward Eric for being sued.

Eric pays two hookers, Marsha (Monique Parent) and Abbey (Dixie Beck), to come over.

They start to make love but Abbey can't go through with it and leaves.

Abbey returns the next day to give Eric his money back.  He says she can repay him by coming to his music studio.

He sits creepily behind the glass and tells Abbey to masturbate.

Again, Abbey can't go through with it.

Damn this is the most inhibited and shy hooker I've ever seen.  Maybe choose another line of work?

Abbey auditions to sing on the Scorpio Descending soundtrack.  She has a wonderful voice (this is so fucking cheesy).

Eric makes love to psycho Jill.

As he fucks Jill, he imagines Abbey is standing there...

Jill joins Eric in the bath.

Jill starts acting a tad unhinged holding a knife

Back to Scorpio Descending...

In this scene, Della has given her husband rat poison.  Another scene that will play out for real with Eric.

Abbey tells Marsha to stop doing drugs and get her shit together.

We find that Abbey is in a relationship with Stoney Oriole.  (What kind of fucking name is this? Who thinks of that?)

Stoney does drugs with Marsha and another girl...

In a heroin haze, the three make love.

Marsha takes off Phyllis' (Shae Marks) panties.

Abbey returns home and is disgusted to find Marsha and Phyllis naked on her bigass wicker chair.

A wonderfully gratuitous nude scene as Phyllis (Shae Marks) walks out back to feed the birds, wearing only an unbuttoned shirt.

Abbey tells Marsha and Stoney she's sick of living like this.

She helps Marsha get sober.

Eric and Abbey get closer.

Eric finds himself poisoned - just like in Scorpio Descending.  He's helped by the three ladies in his life - Jill, Abbey and Della.

The final confrontation between Eric and Stoney.  Abbey saves the day by hitting Stoney over the head.  He's then bit by a snake, nearly dies and is taken to jail.  What a series of unfortunate event for ol' Stoney Oriole.

Abbey leaves prostitution behind and becomes a singer. THE END

Some decent sex scenes, but oh my god was this story terrible. 


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