Sep 16, 2021

Evil Ambitions (1996)


The owner of a modeling agency is actually the leader of a satanic cult.  A tabloid reporter sets out to solve a murder connected to the cult.

Later released as "Satanic Yuppies"

Pete McGavin (Paul Morris) works for a tabloid.

Superfox Detective Leslie Kellog (Renae Raos) meets him at a crime scene. Who's the victim?..

This girl (? actress) - a satanic ritual sacrifice.

She was brought here by Lester (Rob Calvert) who looks like he moonlights in a death metal band.

Brittany Drake (Amber Newman) leads the satanic coven and kills the girl.

Oh, and did I mention Glori-Anne Gilbert is writhing around butt naked with a snake?

Glori-Anne Gilbert is a goddamn national treasure.

Tawny (Cari Minster) is the sassy receptionist at the modeling agency.  (And she's also the right hand woman of Brittany.)

Gretchen (Kindra Laub) is a sad character.  Desperate to become a model, but rejected at every turn.

Julie Swanson (Lucy Frashure) is a smalltown girl who's moved to the big city for a career in modeling.

She's introduced to Brittany who runs the agency.

Brittany has this picture in her office.  Nothing odd or alarming about that.

Pete, investigating the murder, visits Councilman Jessup's office.

His secretary, Victoria (Amy Ballard).

Reading material in Jessup's office.

Mindy (Ashley Lottes) a TV reporter gets the scoop

Julie's first modeling gig.

Tawny wants to be the next satanic sacrifice, but it has to be a virgin.  So, they decide on Gretchen.

Pete arrives and confronts Gideon Jessup  (David A. Levy).

Poor lonely Gretchen (Kindra Laub) walks home.

Lester lurks outside her window.

Lester chloroforms Gretchen and brings her to the ritual chamber.

Her blouse is cut open.

Leslie and Pete at the crime scene.

Leslie and Pete discuss the case at a bar.  Renae Raos is so fine; a crime she doesn't get naked in this movie.

Pete visits Jessup's posh estate and is served by Victoria.

A cameo from Debbie Rochon as the eccentric Madame Natalie who helps Pete solve the murder.

Leslie interviews Brittany who's getting a massage.

How is it possible we have Amber Newman in a film and she doesn't get naked? This film is frustrating.

Leslie gets closer to cracking the case.

Brittany and Gideon Jessup watch a snuff film.

Jessup's wife (Dakota Summers) is butt naked and being sacrificed.

Leslie takes a bath. (No nudity)

A black ooze from the faucet kills her.

A naked Victoria retrieves Pete.

 A naked woman (Naomi Keates) dances at the ritual site.

Glori-Anne Gilbert spreads her legs for the fire. Like I said - a national treasure.

Tawny offers herself to be sacrificed.

Natalie tries to get a hold of Pete to warn him, but it's too late.

Glori-Anne Gilbert, again, as Jessup's topless intern.  Another woman hangs naked in the background.

Brittany calls Julie to come to the studio for a modeling job.

Julie comes right over and undresses.

Lester is there to grab her.

But Julie is apparently a well trained fighter and kicks his ass.

But as soon as she gloats, she's chloroformed by another henchman.

She's next to be sacrificed.

Glori-Anne Gilbert is back at it.

Gideon and Brittany fight over who's in charge of this satanic coven.

Gideon stabs her in the back.

Satan (Randy Rupp) is summoned.

Satan rips Gideon's heart out of his chest.

Now it's time to claim his virgin, Julie.

Satan rips off Julie's gown and says, "She's a virgin like I'm an altar boy.  Looks like you need the intensive training seminar back at the home office." He transports the satanic cult members with him to hell.

Pete and Julie live happily ever after.

This movie was weird in how it handled its sleaze.  One the one hand you have Glori-Anne Gilbert completely naked contorting with a snake... and then you have most of the female cast barely providing T&A at all.  Some of the actresses like Amber Newman are reliably naked, but nothing here.  It makes you wonder if there was an "unrated version" as they used to release all the time.  Although, I kinda doubt it.  I did like the satanic story and its attempts at keeping things light and campy, but it just feels so damn pointless.


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