Sep 13, 2021

Escort Girls (1974)


A British film which follows the evenings of customers who've purchased an escort. Not really a comedy or a fun romp as the movie poster suggests; in fact, it's a bit sad and melancholy.

The film follows the evenings of six separate escort customers.  Their stories are chopped up and interspersed; however, we'll keep them separate for simplicity.


Two pretty girls put on their coats, ready for a fun weekend.  As they leave, they say goodbye to a shy clerk left alone.

Hugh Lloyd (David Dixon) a socially awkward Welshman; a lowly clerk at the office.

Hugh has never been with a woman, and makes up his mind to utilize an escort service. He browses through the business' book to find just the right match.

Hugh is paired with Susan (Maria O'Brien).  He puts on an facade of sophistication and pretends he's an accountant.

He goes back to Susan's place and confesses that he's just a poor Welsh clerk.

Susan is surprisingly understanding.

In fact, she takes off all her clothes and invites Hugh to bed.

Nice nudity from Maria O'Brien.

Susan teaches the virgin how to have sex.


Easily the weakest of all six stories is the tale of these two Scotsmen, James (David Brierly) Ian (James Hunter).

A black dancer  (Teresa Van Ross) sets their loins afire. 

The lads strike out at ever turn.

Emma Gouldman (Marijke Mann) is a successful businesswoman who knows what she wants

But at the end of the day, she's all alone.

She lays nude in bed; what's she going to do about a date for the office Christmas party?

She hires Wayne (Gil Barber) to accompany her.

It proves to be a good decision.  She has a good time.

Back at her place, Emma gets undressed and they have sex.

Vicky (Veronica Doran) is a homely girl who runs a Mayfair pet shop. But she's also an heiress to millions.

She hires a black guy named Lester (Ken Gajadhar) to accompany her to a Christmas party.

Caroline can hardly believe Vicky has brought a black guy as a date.

Edward, Tony, Lucy and Deborah are similarly surprised.

The group of two-faced party guests had just been insulting Vicky when she arrived; but now they're as polite as can be to her face.

Deborah takes a liking to Lester.  As do each of the girls, who discretely give away their numbers.

Back at home, Vicky demands that Lester rape her.  She says, "You black men are supposed to be so good.  Let's see how good you are!"

And so he does, ripping off her dress.

Mary Hockstadler (Helen Christie) is a middle aged American widow, trying to act young by going to a discotheque. 

She takes home a young gigolo named Barry (Richard Wren).

She goes to another room and slips into something more comfortable.

When she returns she finds Barry gone, and she breaks down into tears.

Harvey Matelow (Brian Jackson) is an American businessman who hires call girl, Sheila (Barbara Wise).

He finds that Sheila brings him luck at gambling.

Back to his hotel room.

Harvey suddenly decides to rape Sheila.

He rips off her clothes.

Full frontal from Barbara Wise.

Mid-rape, Harvey sees a camera flash go off.

A guy (Max Mason) has photographed the whole thing. He takes every dollar out of Harvey's wallet.
It seems Sheila and this dude are scam artists.

Harvey leaves in a huff, and the couple embrace in celebration.

They have sex.

The punchline: In the final scene we see Hugh slap the ass his blonde co-worker.  We're to understand he's no longer a timid virgin; he's now a proper misogynist. THE END

A rather bleak film, with nudity often coming from older women - specifically, old, sad and lonely women. Also containing a couple rapes; albeit one at the request of a customer.  Not exactly a jolly risque romp like the Adventures and Confessions films. Still, competently made with a couple stories that were above par.


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