Sep 21, 2021

Dream Witch (2000)


A nerdy girl comes under the spell of the sexy Dream Witch, turning her from a socially awkward virgin into an insatiable slut.  

Susan (Chrissy Mountjoy) relaxes in her bath fantasizing about getting laid.

The phone rings and Susan gets out of the tub.

I love that this movie is somehow based on Chrissy Mountjoy's short story.

And here's your author.

Susan's caller is Pam (Glori-Anne Gilbert).  They used to be friends in high school.  However, Susan became a fake-tanned lush and Pam remained a hopeless nerd.

Pam sings Susan an awkward 'happy birthday'.

Susan's other friends, Chrystal (Dana Leigh) and Jennifer (Savannah Powers), arrive for the birthday sleepover.

The girls talk about sex, and Pam just seems completely out of place.

Chrystal describes a recurring fantasy she's been having.

A masked intruder breaks into her bedroom.

He molests her while she sleeps.

Wow, this escalated quickly.  Seemingly still half-asleep, Chrystal is propped up, her panties ripped off and she's raped from behind.

When Chrystal wakes up, the intruder is gone.

Poor pathetic Pam does nothing but embarrass herself in response to Chrystal's story.

Jennifer and Chrystal make fun of her.

Pam runs to the bathroom to cry and is met by the Dream Witch (Melissa Wolf).

That evening, Pam has a fitful sleep.

The Dream Witch returns, rips off Pam's panties and goes to work.  This scene gets way more graphic than I expected.  

The film does something infinitely annoying during the sex scenes with the Dream Witch: it uses this scratched-pixelated effect.  I'm sure they thought it was a cool filter to indicate the supernatural presence of the Dream Witch, but it's painfully bad - like, why make it look like the VHS is damaged?  

Like I said - way more graphic than I expected. 

And in a flash, the Dream Witch walks away.

Pam wakes up the next morning wondering what the hell happened.

Jennifer takes a shower.  This is moment is from the outtakes at the end of this film. The actress looks directly at the camera and the directors laugh and tell her not to do that. 

The Dream Witch enters the shower and goes to town on Jennifer.

The orgasm is too much for Jennifer.  Her eyes roll back in her head and she drops to the floor, dead.

From the bloopers at the end.

Pam and Chrystal have fun being silly.

In an effort to get Pam laid, she's set up with Susan's cousin Josh (Eric Davis)

Pam is unbearably awkward.

And Josh is unbearably forward.  He can't keep his grubby paws off her.

Pam runs upstairs where she's met by the Dream Witch.

The Dream Witch has her look upon this stranger (Tylo Duran) in her bed masturbating.  Somehow this is supposed to get Pam hot and bothered.

When Pam returns to Josh, she's like a different person: sexually aggressive and confident.  She takes him upstairs and presumably he's killed.

Susan and Chrystal don't quite know what to make of this change in Pam.

Pam joins Susan in the bath.

Chrystal goes to bed and dreams about her home invasion fantasy.

But this time she finds herself tied to the chair.

In her place, Pam is getting pounded by the intruder.

Again, the bloopers at the end of the film give us quite a different look at this scene...

In the bloopers, Pam is pulled back and they erupt into laughter - Glori-Anne Gilbert providing quite a view.

After she's done with the intruder, Pam goes over to Chrystal.

Pam is now completely udner the spell of the Dream Witch and is acting like an insane bitch.

I love this scene, with Pam stumbling up the stairs, screaming and mumbling, her boobs just hangin' out. 

When Susan's husband Devan returns home he's horrified to find Pam sitting in the bedroom like this.  Presumably everyone's dead, although we don't actually see it. THE END

Glori-Anne Gilbert fucking rules.  I mean, she is just completely all-in for this movie, and just owns it. Although not hardcore, the sex is surprisingly graphic, and Gilbert just is so into it.  The movie is a piece of garbage, but a wonderfully sleazy, gloriously bad piece of garbage.  It doesn't take the lazy route; instead, it's all over the place with rape fantasies, a sex witch, death by cunnilingus, ... quite a short story this must have been!  I only wish Ms.Chrissy Mountjoy had written more.


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