Sep 25, 2021

Die Klosterschülerinnen (1972)


(AKA Sex Life in a Convent) A Schulmädchen-Report styled film which takes place at St. Margarethen convent school.  So, of course, we're in for tons of nudity, but perhaps even better - a soundtrack by  Giorgio Moroder.  What the hell?  Just a few years away from "I Feel Love" and the Sparks album.

Pious teacher, Ms. Frisch (Elisabeth Volkmann)

Beloved by Sister Barbara (Enzi Fuchs) and the other nuns.

Helga Achsmann (Manuela Widman) has been taken from the school due to a scandal. Her wealthy parents, (Ulrich Beiger and Helga Marlo) are humiliated.
Helga talks to a shrink and relates her story.

Helga snuck out of the convent.  She and her friends changed clothes and went into town.

Later, Helga is attended to by Ms. Frisch.

Uh-oh.  Ms. Frisch puts something in Helga's drink.

Helga is knocked out.

While the student is unconscious, Ms. Frisch molests her.

The convent groundskeeper, Pedell Mooshammer (Josef Moosholzer), finds Helga unconscious. 

Helga is attended to now by Nurse Armgard (Nadine De Rangot).  I was waiting for the nurse to take advantage of the girl too, but it doesn't happen.

Sister Barbara tries to teach on the reproductive system and finds graffiti. 

Hillary is a rambunctious student (with lesbian proclivities).

Karla (Carina Kreisch) is her best friend (and lover).

Eva-Maria (Kristina Nel) is the most saintly of all the students.  She has serious issues with sex thanks to her upbringing.

Seeing her mother (Katharina Herberg) and father (Reinhard Horras) go at it, then getting scolded aggressively by dad when she's discovered - this had a lasting impact.

Eva-Maria does develop an attraction to the priest, Father Johannes (Felix Franchy).

The other girls notice Eva-Maria's longing for the clergyman.

Hillary and Karly sneak to catch a peak at Eva-Maria and the priest together.

The girls take a communal shower. Sonja Spitzweg is in the first stall.

These two girls are Gundula and Edith (? actress)

The girls get ready for the dance.

Gundula and Edith sneak off with a couple boys.

They get drunk and have sex.

But it's a miserable rapey time.

The friends return to the convent rather traumatized. 

Karla tries on a nightie for Harriet. 

They fool around in bed before nearly being discovered by one of the nuns.

How did pretty Sister Amalthea (Doris Arden) ever become a nun?

It all began when she hitchhiked one stormy evening.

The truck driver brutally rapes her.

Barely conscious in the front seat, the truck driver whistles for his friend and they take turns with her.  She was never the same again.

Sister Amalthea has a secret attraction for student Antonia Lombardy

The nun holds Antonia's hand as she's scared of the thunderstorm.  Antonia's boob sneaks out of her nightgown, but Sister Amalthea is able to resist temptation and covers her breats back up.

Nurse Armgard (Nadine De Rangot) is being watched by the groundskeeper. 

She covers the windows and they have sex.

Elisabeth (Ula Kopa) at a museum field trip.

Her friend Marian gives Tommy Decker (Sascha Hehn) her number and the two girls arrange to meet the two boys later.

They arrive at the winter chalet.

Marian pairs up with this dude

And Elisabeth with Tommy.

The girls wreck their VW on the way back and are busted.  The mother superior makes the phone call - Ellen Frank has no business being in this movie.

Eva-Maria wrestles with another parental figure, Käthe Malzahn (Astrid Boner), who fucked her up.

Look at them!  Look at them!

She remembers when Käthe was getting roughed up by her boyfriend and she called the police.

But when the police arrive, this is what they find.

Käthe happily having sex with the douche bag.

Eva-Maria makes an unsuccessful attempt at running away, but I guess now realizes she's fucked.

A new crop of young girls are brought into the fold. THE END

About what you'd expect: vignettes with weak stories and ample skin.  The Giorgio Moroder soundtrack kicked ass - it sounds like a groovy giallo track at times.  I only wish his music was used more often throughout the picture.


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