Sep 30, 2021

Devilish Education (1995)


(Original Title: Der Teufel und die Jungfrau - The Devil and the Virgin) A short German film about a virginal maiden seduced by the devil.

Gosia (Renata Dancewicz) is a young peasant girl who lives alone with her mother.

She lives an idyllic pastoral life with the fields and the cows.

She thinks she hears something rustling in the tall grass.  Probably nothing.

We can see from the reflection in the water that Gosia is naked...

She takes a dip in the small pond.

Again, she feels as though she's being watched.

Gosia sleeps in the meadow.

We can see by the shadow beside her that she's not alone.

Her stern mother (Anna Dymna)

The next day she sees someone in the field.

The Devil (Marek Kondrat) is drawing a picture.

Gosia comes to take a closer look.

She's shocked to find that it's her - and she's naked!

The devil says, "There is nothing more beautiful than the human body."

He convinces Gosia to take her clothes off.

Renata Dancewicz looks amazing.

The devil asks, "Are you ashamed?" Gosia confidently replies, "No."

The devil then manhandles the girl.

They have sex.

Gosia is taken on a mind-trip of her wildest fantasies...

But then it's back to shitty reality.

Her mother has her go to confession and submit to a gynecological exam.

The devil bids farewell. THE END

A short film (later included in the Erotic Tales series), artfully conceived. Polish actress Renata Dancewicz is stunning. 


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