Sep 11, 2021

Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968)


A bizarre film about a female murderous psychopath who pays convicts to be hunted on the Manhattan streets.

Buddy (Frank Geraci) is an ex-con and drug dealer on the run from a psycho

Virginia Marcus (Eileen Lord) is a rich woman who likes to play "The Most Dangerous Game".

Buddy makes it to a beatnik party, but he's badly injured. 

He tells Ronnie and two chicks about the experience.

He recounts how he was invited to a weird woman's apartment full of taxidermy 

Virginia has invited three men: Buddy, Charles Freeman (Dick Lord) an actor, and Rocco (Jake LaMotta) a champion wrestler.  Each has murder charges in their past. She offers to award $100K to anyone who can survive the next 24 hours.

We learn how the actor's murderous past: he was fooling around with a woman when her husband came home.  He proceeded to bludgeon the man to death.

Buddy's murder rap came from giving a girl heroin. 

A well-filmed scene as the girl dies from the overdose.

The film fulfills its nudity quota by randomly showing various party guests fooling around. 

Ronnie and his girl at the party.

These two random party guests: the girl spends the whole time complaining that there aren't any drugs, and is reluctant to get with the dude.

Finally she relents.

Then she says, "I think you just brought me here to seduce me" and leaves.

In another room, we get brief flashes of full frontal nudity from this girl.

She gets up to let another girl take her turn.

A fun fishbowl lens view of someone in a doctor's office.  I actually have that issue of Esquire.

We see it's Virginia - and she's here to see her psychiatrist.

We get a glimpse into Virginia's fucked-up childhood.

Charles, the actor, is being followed by Virginia's right-hand man.

He's soon killed by Virginia in full psychopath mode.

Buddy tells Ronnie about Rocco's fate...

Rocco holed up in his apartment, but he keeps getting harassing phone calls from Virginia.

He has a hooker in the apartment with him.

The prostitute gets tired of Rocco's increasingly odd behavior (in response to Virginia's calls) and leaves.

Rocco is killed by spears as if he were a bull in a bullfight.

Virginia is dressed as a matador.

Buddy makes the mistake of leaving the party.

Virginia is surprised by the arrival of the psychiatrist and her brother Anderson (Ed Garrabrandt).

They find Buddy, Rocco and Charles dead and kept in a freezer.  Virginia is put in the mental hospital. THE END

This movie is really elevated by three things: (1) Eileen Lord's wildly over-the-top performance, (2) the non-linear storyline keeps things fresh, and (3) the creative camera work.  As much as I appreciate gratuitous nudity, it's actually the film's main liability.  An engaging story about a psychopath's manhunt is interrupted by random shots of bedroom frolics - it completely derails the mood.


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