Sep 25, 2021

Classe Mista (1976)


An Italian sex comedy with the great Dagmar Lassander in the role usually reserved for Edwige Fenech as the new sexy teacher lusted after by the students.

Principal Finocchiaro (Michele Gammino)  

Angelino Zampanò (Alvaro Vitali) the class clown.

Felice Licata (Mario Carotenuto) operates a "holy" office that would make the pope proud.

But, open his secret door and you enter an adult movie set.

Felice yells at the cast and crew.

His airheaded Cleopatra (Anna Melita)

Angelino has a girl pull his nose, and he farts.

The class is introduced to their new teacher, Ms. Carla Moretti (Dagmar Lassander)

Felice's son, Tonino (Alfredo Pea), has a hopeless crush on the new teacher.

Watching Professor Moretti getting into a car is almost more than Tonio can take.

Tonio and friends spy on Ms. Moretti.

Ms. Moretti is taking a shower.

It's just a brief view, but I wonder if this is the only full frontal Dagmar Lassander ever did.  I'd have to go back and look through our VZ1 archive to see.

Finocchiaro aggressively hits on Carla.

The arrival of Aunt Tecla (Femi Benussi) to the Licata home.

Felice has to retreive something under the table and gets this view of his sister-in-law.

Salvatore (Gabriele Di Giulio) tries to make headway with Ms. Moretti, but it's no use.  This woman is unattainable.

The comedic duo of Ciccio (Gianfranco D'Angelo) and Professor Gina Zucca (Fiammetta Baralla) is intolerable.

Physical comedy at its absolute worst. It's funny 'cause she's fat and he's ugly!  (oh, brother)

You'll remember Felice's Cleopatra (Anna Melita); he's begging the actress to star as Messalina in his next production, but it's a no go.

Tonio gets a view of his Aunt Tecla

She almost goes to town on a vibrator, but Tonio falls and breaks the moment.

Finocchiaro makes his move on Carla.

She resists and runs from him.

Poor Tonio is constantly plagued with a boner.  At school he lusts over Ms. Moretti and at home his aunt prances around in a see-through nightie.

Felice hires Marisa (Sofia Lombardo)  as his Messalina. She's hilariously clueless.

Felice gets a view when Marisa lays down with no panties underneath that toga.

Carla is kidnapped!

Tonio winds up stuck in there with her.

What to do?

Tonio finally has his wish.

They escape, but Ms. Moretti realizes she can stay in this town no longer and bids Tonio farewell.

The class gets a new teacher, Professor De Santis (Patrizia Webley).

Finocchiaro hits on her just as hard as he did with Ms. Moretti.

Tonio is just as enamoured.

He pictures Ms. DeSantis in the shower.

And so life goes on. THE END

It's all about low expectations.  I planned on disliking this, but ended up having fun with it. It pretty much delivers on every single trope of the Italian sex comedy genre.


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